The Best PSVR Video Games To Play In 2020

#6 Tetris Effect

Tetris is a rather iconic video game and one that everyone enjoys. This puzzle game is simple to understand but near impossible to keep up with as levels continue to ramp up the speed. We’ve seen several iterations released over the years when it comes to the Tetris IP, but there is one VR experience that may set players up for mesmerizing gameplay. Overall, this game throws players into a Tetris game which is themed and designed around music.

Going along with the beat, the goal of the game is the same as the traditional Tetris game as you attempt to clear out the screen from blocks. However, there is one extra element to Tetris Effect where the game allows players to drop several blocks at once to potentially clear the board out.

#5 Beat Saber

We’ve seen quite a few different rhythm video games released over the years. For instance, you had several band focused games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band that allowed players to virtually play instruments. While the bottom may have fallen out for rhythm games, there was a rather big exception for Beat Saber. It’s clear that the development studio, Beat Games, made a fun title that is quite addicting to play for all ages.

In this game, players wield two large colored sabers and must slice different colored blocks as they towards them. Each block has a direction and a color associated with one of your sabers. You’ll need to swipe in the direction indicated on the block which comes packed with a song beat. Furthermore, there is a large red barrier that will indicate when a player needs to move to the side or potentially dunk down. If you miss too many blocks or find yourself hitting the red barrier then it’s game over.

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