Minecraft Dungeons: How To Get The OP Fighter’s Bindings | Unique Weapon Guide

If you’re looking to do insane damage as fast as possible in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s all about the Fighter’s Bindings. This ridiculous weapon has only become better, and earning the best possible version can be important for end-game speedrunning. The weapon’s power might seem pathetically low, but there’s a trick that makes this a killer tool of mob destruction.

Finding a Fighter’s Binding is pretty tricky. Like any unique item, these only appear in specific stages — but there are ways to improve your chances of finding what you need. The Fighter’s Bindings is a staple of high-level builds, and one of the best weapons in the game for wrecking bosses thanks to its consistent crits. The toughest part is getting the best Fighter’s Bindings you can get.

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Fighter’s Bindings are a unique set of fast gauntlets with +Attack Speed and a guaranteed critical on every fourth punch. This critical can auto-trigger enchantments like Shockwave and Swirling, and with boosted attack speed you’ll score more criticals faster. Fighter’s Bindings can be absurdly powerful with the right build.

Fighter’s Bindings only spawn in two zones — Cacti Canyon and Soggy Cave. The Soggy Cave is a small optional area connected to Soggy Swamp. To earn a Fighter’s Bindings, I highly recommend running Soggy Cave.

  • NOTE: The Fighter’s Bindings will only spawn on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty — so you need to beat the game at least once before you can earn them.

To unlock Soggy Cave, start Soggy Swamp and check if there are 0/2 Secrets. If there are fewer secrets, the entrance to Soggy Swamp didn’t spawn. Reload the level and try again, then search for an optional entrance to unlock Soggy Cave.

Equip Ghost Cloak, Death Cap Mushrooms, and Boots of Swiftness to speedrun the level and ignore the standard mobs. To farm, you’ll want to aim for the Obsidian Chest in Soggy Cave. If you have the Feather effect, you can also avoid 3 out of the 4 barriers to the end.

The goal is to reach the Obsidian Chest as quickly as possible, then exit and reset. Set the zone to the level you’re aiming for — if you want the best possible Fighter’s Binding, you’ll need to boost the level as high as you can handle it! Just rinse and repeat and you’ll eventually get the binding. The tough part is getting a binding with all the enchantments you want.