Elder Scrolls: Blades – How To Get The Most Gold From Your Abyss Runs | Money Farming Tips

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a F2P fantasy hack-and-slash, and its now available on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re one of those new players looking for ways to stock up on valuable gold, then we’ve got a few tips to help you make your Abyss trips as efficient as possible. The two best ways to earn gold in Elder Scrolls: Blades are through the optional challenges — in the arena, or in the abyss. The arena gives you gold chests for fighting enemies, but the abyss can earn you even more per run.

Before entering the underground, you’ll want to select the right gear. Any armor that heals or improves potion potency is a godsend, and armored gloves that return stamina are much more useful than shields. Don’t forget to stock up on resistance potions, and use them often when fighting magical enemies like witches, liches, or dragons. You can create special loadouts and swap between them between battles — give yourself a +healing loadout to save cash on potions / food. Whenever you’re going into the Abyss, be prepared for along journey! It’s a lot easier to stay alive that way.

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The Abyss is the best place to farm Gold Chests in Elder Scrolls: Blades — the Arena is the second best. Before entering the Abyss, you’ll be recommended a floor that matches your level. You aren’t limited to that floor — you can attempt to complete floors that are above the recommendation. Completing tougher floors will reward you with more gold and better rewards at any level of the game, up until Floor 50. At Floor 50-100, the gear remains the same.

In the Abyss, you can gain five different types of chests — Legendary, Elder, Gold, Silver, and Wood. Feel free to open as many of the common chests as you want, but save your Legendary and Elder chests. Saving your chests is a common tactic; the loot inside a chest is generated when you open the chest up, so you can save your best chests and open them when you’re higher level for much better gear.

That trick isn’t really necessary for Gold, Silver, or Wood cheats. If you prefer to wait, you can, but you’ll need better gear and cash to repair weapons and enchant.

How To Make The Most Money In The Abyss: To get a consistent income and earn Gold Chests, the quickest route is to enter Recommended Floor +3. That’s your recommended floor, +3 levels higher — each floor number matches the level of the enemies inside, so to get the most rewards, you’ll want to enter a level that’s at least +3 higher.

  • To earn quick Gold Chests, enter the Abyss Recommended Floor +3, and earn 12 kills. Some monsters count as multiple kills, while others will only give you partial credit.

The level offsets increases drastically as you level up, so if you’re recommended to jump into Floor 45, you’re not necessarily going to need to enter Floor 48 — the enemies increase in level exponentially for each additional floor you attempt to raid.

Make sure to create different armor loadouts to counter different elemental damage types — and have a loadout specifically for healing between fights.

The three most useful abilities are: Adrenaline Dodge, Resist Elements, and Absorb. Stamina Leech is a powerful enchantment for your gloves that allows you to recover stamina while fighting enemies. Using spells and abilities is pretty important if you’re aiming to take on higher threats, and min/maxing is just part of the game.

If you’re looking to load up on more cash than you can ever spend, this is the way to do it. Good luck out there, dungeon divers!