Oculus Quest Are Now Available Again To Order

The coronavirus has been a big health pandemic. You all are aware of this issue going around the entire world right now. It has forced our lives to adjust and practice social distancing from others. With so many of us in quarantine, forced to abide by new rules and regulations, there is plenty of downtime to spend on some entertainment. Still, for those that are wanting to pick up certain items from the market, you may be finding a struggle to find units in stock.

We’ve seen the likes of the Nintendo Switch dwindle down in stock, certain games get delayed due to shipment issues, among other products simply vanished from being available. This is all due to the coronavirus, but those of you who were looking to pick VR headsets you may have found some brands to be rather limited. For the Oculus Quest, the units were scarce and consumers were not able to pick up a unit online.

That has since changed as the units for the Oculus Quest has since been put back on sale. There are two models available which are the 64GB and 128GB. Starting at $399, consumers can use a standalone VR system though if you wish to connect it to your gaming PC then there is a cable that can be bought separately to connect the VR headset to a PC. 

Unfortunately, while this VR headset is being offered online once again, it’s not something that will be shipped out right away. Instead, those that purchase a unit can expect the devices to get sent out before the end of June. At least purchasing a unit will at least guarantee you a unit when the next production run is over with.

Source: Oculus