Pokemon Home: Complete The National Dex To Earn A Unique Mythical Pokémon | Secrets Guide

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For the truly dedicated Pokémon trainer, there’s a very exclusive gift waiting for you in Pokémon Home. Any player that manages to upload all 890 Pokémon and complete the National Dex will get a gift Pokémon to show off their status — an exclusive Magearna!

The gift Magearna is a unique skin for the mythical Pokémon, matching it’s ‘original’ look from Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion & The Mechanical Marvel. The Magearna is an ancient Pokémon sporting its original colors, before hundreds of years of rust made the ‘mon much more monochrome. It’s a very special reward, and one that will only work (currently) in Pokémon Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

Learn more about this gift with the full guide below. If you’re looking for your own Magearna Mythic Pokémon, you can still grab one in Pokémon Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon with this QR Code.

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Truly dedicated Pokémon trainers have confirmed that The Pokémon Company is sending Gift Pokémon to players with a complete National Pokedex. The gift Pokémon is a vibrant red-and-gold Magearna mythical Pokémon that was first introduced in Pokémon Sun & Moon. The colorful red / gold form was leaked way back in 2016, and it’s only finally become available now.

Normally, this Steel / Fairy type Pokémon is a robotic grey. Hundreds of years ago, this mechanical marvel was shown to possess a much brighter palette of colors.

Magearna’s story is all in Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion & The Mechanical Marvel. The mythical Pokemon isn’t available in Pokemon Sword & Shield (yet) but can be transferred and played in Pokemon Sun & Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

It’s a worthy status symbol for anyone that manages to transfer all 890 Pokemon. Some players weren’t sure if you needed all the Mythical Pokemon, but it seems like that count — or at least everyone willing to find all 890 also managed to grab the limited-time Mythic Pokemon too.

If you’ve managed to collect them all, just wait 30~ or so minutes for the gift to get sent out. Alternate forms of Pokemon like hat-wearing Pikachu or Gigantamax Forms aren’t required to complete the Pokedex. Good to know if you’re aiming for a complete set.