Pokemon Home Officially Launches In February 

There are quite a few different Pokemon video game titles players are able to enjoy, but one thing is for sure, there isn’t really an ecosystem that allows players to transfer Pokemon captured between different platform games. From the Pokemon Go series, 3DS titles and the Nintendo Switch titles, all of the Pokemon players captured will soon be connected in one place. Known as Pokemon Home, the cloud data storage service will release next month and with it will come the ability to bring over the previously captured Pokemon into Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Home is said to connect with a variety of previous Pokemon titles and store your captured Pokemon in one place. From there, you can bring them over to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. However, there is a slight catch as the Pokemon will have to be first featured in the games to be brought over. This is one of the issues that some gamers had with the latest Pokemon installments as they felt the titles lacked a number of previous Pokemon characters. 

That will soon change as during a Nintendo Direct held earlier today, we were alerted of two expansion packs that are coming into the title that not only offers new content, regions and a storyline, but also the addition of 200 previously featured Pokemon in the franchise. While the first expansion doesn’t release until June of this year, gamers can start getting used out of the Pokemon Home application for your smartphone next month. 

Source: Engadget