Fan Recreates Iconic Silent Hill Cafe Map Using Unreal Engine

Fans of the Silent Hill franchise have been left in limbo on if the series will ever get picked back up by Konami. With Capcom bringing out several Resident Evil remakes that bring back the old school survival-horror fun while significantly updating the visuals and gameplay mechanics, there are plenty of fans hoping that Konami would follow the successful trend with the original Team Silent works. 

While there hasn’t been any news other than rumors of Silent Hill once again gracing fans with a new experience, fans are quick to share their artwork and discussions of the franchise online. One fan, in particular, decided to showcase his work of replicating the Cafe map from the original Silent Hill video game installment.

The Cafe is featured early into the game and it’s relatively small which likely made it easier to manage a remake of the level. Using the Unreal Engine, the map looks incredible and something that fans are complimenting online. With such high praise over what one fan was able to do in their spare time, it certainly has us wondering what a remake of Silent Hill could potentially look like if the work and dedication were put into the project by Konami. 

For those who may need a refresher, the Cafe scene was featured in Silent Hill where Harry wakes up to a police officer named Cybil Bennett. With a seemingly abandoned town that has an assortment of grotesque creatures roaming around, players make their way out in search of Harry’s missing daughter Cheryl. 

As of right now, there is no official Silent Hill project in the works from Konami. With that said, take a look at the video of the fan remake posted above along with some screenshots captured below.

Source: YouTube