Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Is Inbound 

If you’re familiar with the line of Pokemon video game titles then chances are you know that the development studio Game Freak offers new updated versions of their games. With it comes new content for players to enjoy at the cost of a brand new video game. However, with the latest installments now available on Nintendo Switch, those who own either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield may be delighted to hear that this time around Game Freak will be releasing expansion packs to continue supporting the latest generation of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield both released on Nintendo Switch but it did come with some flack against Game Freak over certain areas like the lack of Pokemon available in the game. Fortunately, some of those concerns are being announced through expansions. During a Nintendo Direct presentation that was all about Pokemon, fans were given notice of an expansion pack pass for both installments. This pass will cost $29.99 and with it will come two expansion packs named The Isle Of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

Both expansions will bring in new Pokemon into the game from previous installments, likewise, you can expect new regions to explore and a new storyline. It’s quite a hefty expansion that would normally take the form of a new Pokemon installment but now you’ll have the ability to enjoy all of the content through a single video game cartridge. 

Currently, you can pre-order the expansion pass now or you can simply pick them up once an expansion releases. Speaking of the expansion release date, we do know that the first expansion, The Isle of Armor, is slated to release into the market sometime in June of this year. So if you haven’t already gone through the base game quite yet, you’ll have a few months at your disposal before fans jump to the first expansion. 

Source: YouTube