Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Get New Legendary Items | DNA Slicer, Solarizer & Lunarizer Locations

You can now acquire Necrozma’s Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon forms in Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Now that Pokémon Home is officially available for Poke-maniacs to dig into, players are discovering lots of little hidden wrinkles added to Pokémon Sword & Shield. There are 35 brand new Pokémon you can only acquire by transferring Pokémon Home, and some of those Pokémon have unique abilities or features. For example, Necrozma of Pokémon Sun and Moon could transform two unique forms — Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings.

Those forms still exit in Pokémon Sword & Shield, but you’ll need to acquire the Legendary Items first. If you’re lost and don’t know where to look, we’ve got the location for three awesome Legendary Items you can acquire for some of the best Legendary Pokémon in the series. They’re free, you just have to talk to the right guy.

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There are three Legendary Items you can acquire in Pokémon Sword & Shield — but only if you’ve transferred the matching Pokémon. The three Legendary Items are: the DNA Splicers, the Lunarizer, and the Solarizer.

Before you can collect these items, you’ll need to transfer the matching Pokémon using Pokémon Home — these legendary Pokémon can only be acquired through Pokémon Home.

  • Lunarizer & Solarizer: Transfer Legendary Solgaleo & Lunala.
  • DNA Splicers: Transfer Legendary Reshiram & Zekrom.

Solgaleo & Lunala can be transferred from Pokémon Sun & Moon or Pokémon UltraSun & UltraMoon. Reshiram & Zekrom can be transferred from Pokémon Black & White or Pokemon Black & White 2. If you’ve never played those games, the Legendary Items actually don’t apply to these Legendary Pokémon — they’re for a third Pokémon that can change forms.

How To Get The Lunarizer & Solarizer / DNA Splicers Legendary Item:

To collect your free Lunarizer / Solarizer / DNA Splicers, transfer the required Legendary Pokémon listed above, then travel to Stow-On-Side. Go to the outdoor vendor market, and talk to the NPC on the right side. He’ll give you the Legendary Items for free!

So, what exactly are these Legendary Items for? They allow Necrozma and Kyurem to change into new special forms. Necrozma can transform into Dusk Mane (Solarizer) or Dawn Wings (Lunarizer), while Kyurem can become Black Kyurem (DNA Splicers) or White Kyurem (DNA Splicers) by combining with either Zekrom or Reshiram.

It’s a very cool ability, and thankfully you can still change shape in Pokémon Sword & Shield — it’s just about finding the right vendor to give you the stuff you need. If you didn’t look carefully, this is a little feature that’s incredibly easy to miss.