Journey To The Savage Planet: How To Unlock The Tower & Beat The Final Boss | Ending Guide

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Your main objective in Journey To The Savage Planet is all about that massive tower in the distance. From your landing zone, you’ll reach the tower entrance pretty quickly — the problem is getting it open. It takes a very long time to actually unlock the tower, and if you’ve been following our guides, we’ve covered every aspect of the game; except how to actually get inside that tower.

Well, it’s time to talk about the tower — how to get inside, what’s inside, and how to beat the last boss. There’s a whole lot of game left when you reach the third area of the map, and the interconnected landmass of the Elevated Realm is a complex web. You’ll need to first collect two upgrade powers — the Shock Fruit Stabilizer and the Stomp Launcher to access the two power towers.

The tower itself contains a freakish final boss that’s daunting if you’re not prepared for a big fight. Check out Teratomo below — I mean, seriously, just look at this thing.

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The Tower of Might challenges you to dodge lasers and blast monsters.

Unlocking The Tower

To complete your primary mission on AR-Y 26, you’ll have two major objectives — you need to defeat the monster at the center of the tower, and you need to collect enough fuel to leave on the Javelin, your ship!

You’ll be able to unlock the tower once you reach the Top of the Enigmatic Tower area in the Elevated Realm — the third realm of the game.

Tower Of Might: From here, you’ll need to complete the quest to acquire the Shock Fruit Stabilizer upgrade. Just scan any of the locking doors for the towers surrounding the central tower.

After you get the Shock Fruit, return to the two disabled crystal towers around the main one. You’ll begin the quest ‘Sychi’s Trial’ when you enter one of the power towers. To start the tower, use a Shock Fruit on the laser grid in the center.

Pull out the stoppers to begin the Tower of Agility.

Tower of Agility: To complete this tower, you’ll need the Stomp Booster. Scan any floor panel to begin the Stomp Booster quest, then return when you acquire it — smash through the floor at the tower, then use the grapple to pull out the glowing stoppers.

After that, you’ll need to quickly climb the spinning platforms to reach the top of the tower. You’re timed, because the lava is slowing rising beneath you! Get to the top, flip the switch, and the central tower will unlock.

How To Unlock The Tower: Return to the central tower control room through the door with the three markers. Once both crystals are activated in the outer towers, the door on the center tower will open. Just go inside and hit the switch to open the main door.

Travel to the Broken Bridge at the Landing Site region, and grapple across the destroyed bridge to the massive tower door. The teleporter inside takes you to the final location!

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Within The Spire – The Final Gauntlet

Welcome to ‘Within The Spire’, the fourth region of the game. Enter the main chamber ahead and ride the lift down. Here, you’ll need to break three ‘eyes’ in the area. One is at the top of the pod chamber, in the room with the shock door. The second is in the center, and the third is at the bottom with the bugs. After breaking all three, the lift will lower.

Use the lift again, and you’ll enter a second area with more eye pods. The first is near the top — use Grapple Seeds to enter a high room, then a Bombegranate to blast open the cracked wall. Watch out for the lizard enemies that pop out of the ground!

  • NOTE: Smash any cracked pods you see! That’s where you’ll find hidden vitality plants. The only way to heal up down here is to find these hidden plants.

The second one is hidden behind a bank of cracked pods on the upper walls. Look for an entire wall of cracked glass pods and shoot them out to reveal it. The last one is one the bottom floor, behind two fallen pods.

Down in the third chamber, the first eye is easy to spot. The second eye is in a high chamber guarded by a Slamphibian. You don’t have to fight it — just jump into the chamber it bursts from! The last one is on the bottom floor, behind a pile of pods. Look for a cracked floor and smash through to find it.

How To Beat Teratom | The Final Boss

Teratomo is a massive monster, and you’ll need to be prepared before you face it. Equip Bombegranates, and upgrade your Nomad Pistol to carry as many bullets as possible. To hurt Teratomo, aim for the yellow pods all over its tentacles — they’re everywhere, and they’ll regrow between each sequence.

There are two vitality plants on the solid sections at each corner, and the hanging pods will give you ever type of consumable seed. You really only need the Bombegranates, though. Continue to run, circling back to the vitality plants when they respawn.

He’ll gain more attacks as the battle progresses. He starts by shooting a barrage of explosives from his pus launchers, and will dump lava onto the solid ground. If you stand on the circle platforms in the center too long, he’ll summon tentacles to smash them into the poison below. It takes some time before the circle platforms will re-emerge.

Do enough damage, and his tongue will open. Try to grab the seed, and you’ll initiate the second phate. In this phase, his attacks are more furious — and he’ll summon flying Jellywaft Primes in groups of three. It gets a lot trickier from here on out.

Keep moving, and use Bombegranates on clusters of weak points to destroy them. Save your pistol for the far-off, head-to-hit pods near the ceiling. Once you break them all two more times, you’ll finish the battle and finally collect the Planet Seed.

You’ll get eaten, but the game isn’t over yet! Return to the Javelin with your Planet Seed — before you can truly complete the game, you’ll need to collect at least five Fuel Sources.

The first Fuel Source can’t be missed. The other 4? Extremely missable.

5 Easy Fuel Sources

If you’re looking for all 10, check out our full Fuel Sources guide here.

Fuel Source #1: Towering Crystals of Madness – The first fuel source you’ll find is at the top of the Towering Crystals of Madness, the area found to the far left of the Verdant Wilds of Zyl. At the top, there’s a small area populated by pufferbirds with this fuel in a cave.

Fuel Source #2: Festering Chasm – Near the Festering Chasm teleporter, there’s an alien tablet marking a Launch Thruster spot. That means you need the Launch Thruster upgrade to reach the secret area above. If you have it, just launch upward and use a Bombegranate to blast open the cracked wall.

Fuel Source #3: Festering Chasm – To the right of the Launch Thruster marker (the one that takes you up to the Lair of the Matriarch teleporter) find a small cave behind a blue mushroom.

Fuel Source #4: Fungi of Si’ned VII – To the left of the Infested Husk entrance, there’s a path that leads to a cracked floor. Use the Stomp Thruster to smash through and collect this easy Fuel Source.

Fuel Source #5: Pillars of Xzorgana – Use the Launch Thruster to reach the tiny water-flowing island directly above the Pillars of Xzorgana teleporter.