Journey To The Savage Planet: How To Complete The ‘Fixer Upper’ Quest | Alien Alloy Location

Your first quest in Journey To The Savage Planet is one you might not be able to complete for a very long time. After crash-landing on the mysterious Savage Planet, you’ll have to scan your busted ship to assess the damage. Before long, you’ll begin the ‘Fixer Upper’ quest, which is required to upgrade your 3D Printer and unlock powerful new upgrades for your gear. There’s just one problem — the game doesn’t even give you a clue how to solve this case.

Spoiler alert — the answer is Alien Alloy. This incredibly rare alien material is used to get only the best upgrades, and each one is hidden in a special spot. You can’t ‘farm’ Alien Alloy, but you can find some very quickly if you know exactly where to look. There are two Alien Alloys that I’ll explain here, and both of them require the Jump Thruster upgrade to reach, so you’ll need to make at least a little progress.

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How To Complete The ‘Fixer Upper’ Quest | Alien Alloy Location

To complete the ‘Fixer Upper‘ quest, one of the first quests in the game, you’ll need to find an Alien Alloy. These rare crafting materials are used for getting the best upgrades from the 3D Printer, and you’ll only be able to access enhanced 3D Printer schematics once you bring back at least one Alien Alloy.

There are two easy-to-reach Alien Alloys near the start of the game in the Landing Site area. You’ll need the Jump Thruster upgrade to access both of them.

Alien Alloy #1: Towering Crystals Of Madness – From the Verdant Wilds of Zyl, travel the left path until you reach the Teleporter near the Towering Crystals of Madness. From here, you can find the Glimmering Cave of Wonder. Look to the right for a narrow opening you can jump to.

Crawl inside, and you’ll find a room filled with lava. You’ll need to time your jumps so you land on the platforms as they rise up out of the magma. You won’t die instantly from magma, but you’ll want to avoid it as much as possible. Jump across the gap, and you can reach an Alien Alloy from the plant container.

If you’re having problems with the first Alien Alloy, there’s a second Alien Alloy that’s a lot easier to find.

Alien Alloy #2: Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility – From the Verdant Wilds of Zyl, follow the back-right path to the towering alien statues. Use the double-jump to cross over into the Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility. Kick a Pufferbird into the Meat Vortex to unlock the tendril gate, and follow the path right.

Clear through two more Meat Vortex barriers until you reach a high plateau with a teleporter facility. Unlock it, and then follow the path up to an even higher plateau nearby — it’s directly opposite the teleporter. Up above, you’ll find a large arena guarded by Pikemanders. These are tough enemies, so be prepared for a fight.

Use the dodge ability with your Jump Thruster to avoid their rapid wheel attack, then aim and shoot the glowing orange spots on their tails. Kill one, and two more will spawn. Once you kill those two minions, the plant in the center of the arena will unveil a valuable Alien Alloy.

Take your Alien Alloy back to the 3D Printer, and you’ll complete one of the first quests of the game.