Journey To The Savage Planet: How To Get Double-Jump & Grappling Hook Upgrades

To get the grappling hook, you’ll have to get inside this cave.

At the start of your Journey To The Savage Planet, you’re woefully ill-equipped for the adventure ahead. Unlocking the Nomad Pistol is easy enough, but grabbing the Jump Thruster (double jump) and the Proton Tether (grappling hook) is a whole lot harder. These two upgrades are essential, and you won’t be able to move around much at all until you get them.

I’m going to explain how to acquire these two important traversal powers. If you’re new to adventure games that don’t explain where to go or what to do, this can be a pretty challenging task. You won’t even get quests with helpful hints unless you go to a specific spot. There’s a lot to see and do in the early hours of the game, and if you just want to know exactly where to go, here’s a quick guide with all the info.

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Your first goal is this secret shrine.

How To Get Jump Thruster (Double-Jump)

Once you reach the Verdan Wilds of Zyl, travel to the back-right and use your scanner to spot a huge statue across a small jump. Go near the statue, and you’ll unlock the ‘Jump! Jump!’ quest.

Follow it to the left side of the Verdant Wilds of Zyl. Behind the pink trees, you’ll find the Glimmering Cave of Wonder. Go inside, and crawl through the passage to the right. Ahead, grab a light from the glowing plant, and follow the path up to the Precarious Shrine.

Climb the cliffs up and around to the shrine, then extract the valuable weird goo. It costs 100 Carbon to construct at your 3D Printer.

How To Get The Proton Tether (Grappling Hook)

In the Verdant Wilds of Zyl, look on the cliffs to the right — scan the anchor points to reveal grappling hook spots. You’ll find these in Shangtar’s Frigid Embrace too. That will unlock the quest ‘A Higher Calling’ — complete the quest ‘Jump, Jump’ to access the further reaches of the Verdant Wilds of Zyl area.

Return to the towering alien sculpture and use the Jump Thruster to reach an alien plant blocking your path. Kick (or use bait) to knock one of the Pufferbirds into the plant’s mouth.

This leads into the Tranquil Crevasse of Tranquility. Immediately drop down and go right, then kick another Pufferbird into a second Meat Vortex blocking your path to a ramp leading up. Do it again for a third, and you’ll reach an area with easy access to a teleporter.

Watch out for the Porcupods! Wait for them to pop open, then shoot the core to defeat them.

To enter the Smoldering Abyss, you’ll need to sneak behind this sentry plant and poke it’s eye out.

You’ll need to reach the Smoldering Abyss. From the teleporter, go right and look for a path guarded by a plant called a Sproutlook. It’s easy to spot — the entire area is bathed in red light. Avoid the red light and sneak behind it to defeat the plant and enter the abyss.

Inside, you’ll encounter Boomerbangs — annoying monkeys. To defeat them, unlock the charged shot upgrade for your Nomad Pistol. Only charged shots will destroy these guys.

To get through the cracked wall ahead, grab a Bombegranate from the large purple plants. It’ll burn you, so throw it quick! Continue into the massive lava chamber ahead, jumping across the platforms that sink into the magma, and grab another Bombegranate to blast through the exit cracked wall.

It leads you to the Chamber of Intrigue, where you’ll find the mysterious alien component required to craft the Proton Tether grappling hook. Return to the ship, and you can craft the Proton Tether with 150 silicon.