Call of Duty: Mobile – 8 Tips You Need To Know About Zombies Mode | Raid Beginner’s Guide

Zombies has finally come to Call of Duty: Mobile, and if you’re a new player giving this old-school cooperative mode a try, there’s a few tips you need to know. In Zombies, you’re dropped into an enclosed map where you’ll fight waves of the undead. You’ll earn points by blasting the walking dead, which you can then spend on new weapons, perk machines or upgrades. The zombies get progressively stronger and faster the longer you survive.

It’s a pretty tough game mode, but it’s possible to make things easier if you know what you’re doing. Even veterans might be confused — there are a few new wrinkles to the old formula. In addition to perks, you can also buy upgrades that steadily improve your stats in different ways. You can enhance your health, or even improve your headshot damage and auto-aim range, making it easier to take down zombies while running around the map. I’ll explain everything you desperately need to know to survive.

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#1: Training Zombies & Survival

Narrow, enclosed spaces are deadly in the middle of a round — the undead have to catch you to kill you, and if you’re caught in a corner, you can get killed very quickly. That’s where ‘training’ comes into play. Groups of zombies will split up and follow you or your teammates — try to lead groups into the swamps or on the mud path outside!

#2: Wallbuy The Best Guns

As you kill zombies, you’ll rack up tons of points. Use those points to get the most powerful weapons you can — I prefer the AK117 and BK57 for their stopping power. You can also grab the AK-47 earlier, and it’s in an easy-to-reach spot you can gab between rounds.

#3: Or Use The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a special device that gives you a random weapon in exchange for money. Each roll is random, but you can get the best possible weapon in this mode — the Ray Gun — if you’re lucky. The Mystery Box is best saved between rounds. Unlike the main games, other players can actually steal your Mystery Box item before you can grab it. Just be aware!

#4: Perk Machines Can Give You Extra Lives & More Damage

There are seven perk machines on the map, and those weird things aren’t just there to look good. Whenever you’ve got some cash to spare, you’ll want to buy from these machines. Some of the best perks are Deadshot Daquiri, and Double Tap 1.0. Deadshot Daquiri gives you powerful headshot aim-assist, while Double Tap 1.0 increases fire-rite by 33%, so even if you’re hip-firing you’ll down plenty of zombies.

#5: Quick Revive & You

You start with three free quick revive tokens, and you can purchase more in the map with the Quick Revive perk machine. This blue device is essential if you’re struggling to stay alive for long — you’ll pop back to life if you’re downed, without needing your allies to save you. Buying the Quick Revive also makes reviving teammates faster.

#6: Find The Rest Of The Perks Underground

All the perk machines aren’t located in the upper level of the map. You’ll need to unlock the lower area — to do that, search the ground floor of the main building for two large gears. Pick up the gears, then use them to repair the elevator lift in a shack outside the main building. Fixing the lift gives you access to an underground lab. That’s where you’ll find the last two perk machines.

#7: Buy Up Temporary Perks At The Coin Machines

Coin Machines give you random mini-perks that you can activate for 10-30 seconds. They’re usually pretty powerful, and can help you (or you team) escape a deadly situation. The coin machines become steadily more expensive as you buy more, but they reset each round — if you want a thrifty way to help your team, buy up a perk from the Coin Machines once per round for 500 coins.

#8: The Points Don’t Matter!

Despite what it might seem, you won’t get better rewards for completing the map with more points. If you finish with 100,000 points, you’ll get the same rewards as if you finish with 200 points — there’s literally no point to saving your precious points. Spend them as often as possible, and upgrade yourself whenever you can! You’ll help your teammates survive, and many of them will know how to unlock the boss.

That’s all the tips we’ve got. Just remember that this mode is purposefully difficult, so it might take a few tries before you really get the hang of it. Goodluck out there, soldier!