Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How To Find All Mysterious Creature Minibosses | ‘Legendary Beasts’ Guide

To unlock the ‘Legendary Beasts’ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to hunt down four hidden mini-bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. These optional bosses are enhanced, unique variants of creatures you’ll encounter on your normal travels — and they’re usually protecting a nice treasure like a Stim Upgrade. You’ll want to be prepared before tracking them down, because they’re ridiculously strong.

The first time you encounter the optional Oggdo Boggdo monster on Bogani, it’s likely to kill our hero Cal in a single hit. Wait until you’re way further in the game, then you can try taking these beasts of burden down. This is just one of the optional boss types in the game — you can also encounter tough Bounty Hunter enemies that often spawn in these mysterious beast arenas. We’ll talk about those guys somewhere else. Here, we’re all about the mysterious beast locations.

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Legendary Beasts Trophy Guide

There are four massive optional mini-bosses you can encounter while exploring the planets. Each one is a unique variant of an enemy you’ve already encountered — but they’re much more powerful. Get their locations in the text entries below.

Oggdo Boggdo: Bogano (Fractured Plain): This ugly frog is located opposite the fan-room. Use the pipes to reach a dark cave. At the end, Oggdo Boggdo is guarding a chest.

Albino Wyyschokk: Kashyyk (Imperial Refinery): Reach the area where the two giant spider bugs are fighting several stormtroopers and flametroopers. Near the stormtrooper on the raised cliff, crawl through a narrow pass to reach this boss.

Rabid Jotaz: Zeffo (Crash Site): After disabling the forcefield at the Crash Site (left side) with BD-1, you’ll be able to crawl into an interior shaft of the crashed Star Destroyer. Follow the path up to find a second narrow passage you can squeeze through. There’s an optional boss at the end.

Nydak Alpha: Dathomir (Nightmare Ruins): At the front entrance of the tomb, where you’ll encounter Bounty Hunters on your return visit, go right of the entrance doors and wall-run to an optional platform. You’ll encounter the final mysterious beast here.

Defeat the final mysterious beast to unlock the ‘Legendary Beasts’ achievement / trophy.