Fortnite: Chapter 2 – All The Hidden Easter Eggs On The New Map | Secret Locations Guide


We’re taking another look at the massive new Fortnite: Battle Royale map unveiled in Chapter 2. This completely new map is full of hidden Easter eggs and Fortnite references that you don’t want to miss. They’re all over the place, and they’re also extremely easy to miss — well, some of them are. Some of them are huge men made of hay bails or pipes. Those guys are pretty visible.

No, it’s everything else that’s easy to miss — like the hidden bunker entrances, just called “?” when you get close. Then there’s the massive metal door called ‘Redacted’, the sunken car-mech, or a very obvious reference to The Simpsons. We’ve got 11 Easter eggs (and their locations) in the list below for you to peruse. Don’t forget you can always check them out in Creative Mode without worrying about getting shot in the back.

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New Map Hidden Easter Eggs | Secret Locations Guide

Old Map Junk At Camp Cod

Camp Cod, located on the island at G8, is infested with old junk from the past map. You’ll find pictures of the ruined crater base after the forest regrew, maya artifacts at the junkyard, and a big bear statue from the original campground.

Nuclear Safety Inspector

Found in the large office building at Steamy Stacks, go into the main reactor room to find an office that looks just like Homer Simpson’s terminal — you’ll find pink sprinkled donuts all over the terminal. It’s just like Homer’s room when he’s working as a Safety Inspector for Section 7G!

‘Redacted’ Door

South of Retail Row at G7, this massive door marked ‘Redacted’ is surely going to hold secrets in future seasons. What’s inside? Why is it ‘redacted’? I want to know right now!

The Hay Bail Man

The mighty Hay Bail Man is just outside Frenzy Farms, in the southwest corner of the area. He’s big, he’s made of hay, and he’s kind of like a Wicker Man. He’s also got a burly brother!

And The Pipeman

The reclining Pipeman is found on the southern face of Mount F8 — conveniently located on the F8 square. This pipe-character is sitting and looking over the sea, enjoying life — there’s also a chest on his head, so you might want to smash him and get the goodies.

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