Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Here’s How To Upgrade Guns | Gunsmith Station Guide

Gunsmith Stations, or Weapon Upgrade Stations, or whatever you want to call them, are a totally new (and kind of secret) feature included in Fortnite: Chapter 2. Using these very special stations, you’ll be able to upgrade your guns by one rarity level. For each rarity upgrade, you’ll need to spend more of your resources — and yes, you can get Legendary guns.

Weapon Upgrade Stations are just one of the new features hidden throughout the Chapter 2 map. There are boats, healing guns, hiding places, exploding gas stations, and way more. We’re going to keep digging into the latest additions to Battle Royale, so follow Gameranx for even more Fortnite: Chapter 2 guides.

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How To Upgrade Guns | Gunsmith Station Guide
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Gunsmith Stations / Weapon Upgrade Stations are special devices you can find in the environment. These stations can appear just about anywhere — in major named locations, or in tiny shacks in the middle of nowhere. Keep your eyes open for a highlighted station.

Approaching a station, equip the weapon you want to upgrade and interact. A menu will appear stating how much it will cost (in resource) to upgrade your current weapon. There are five levels or rarity, and four upgrade levels. For each upgrade, it’ll cost more and more resources.

  • Gunsmith Station Cost:
    • Common To Uncommon: 50 Wood / 50 Stone / 50 Metal
    • Uncommon To Rare: 150 Wood / 150 Stone / 150 Metal
    • Rare To Epic: 250 Wood / 250 Stone / 250 Metal
    • Epic To Legendary: 350 Wood / 350 Stone / 350 Metal

For the late-game, this weapon upgrade station can be a game-changer. Now you don’t have to rely on RNG for an Epic or Legendary gun, but you will need to save up a whole lot of resources. Start smashing stuff early!