Fortnite Players Are Still Waiting For Chapter 2 After World Destruction Event

If you’re a Fortnite player then chances are you were present during the latest event that closed out the season. However, this closing ended the game completely and it left players wondering just when the next chapter is inbound. We knew something big was going to happen but now Epic Games is keeping us guessing just what will happen to the game.

For those that missed it, Fortnite ended when several rockets blasted into the map destroying the world. What’s left now is a black void with a small ring off into the distance. Most are suggesting that the next big update will result in a new map and with it could come new characters, weapons along with other mechanics to change the gameplay up. But again, that is purely speculative right now.

With the map seemingly gone and Epic Games deleting social media posts for their Fortnite accounts, all we have right now is a stream that shows off the loop image of the black void. Something big is coming and we can’t wait to see what it is, but for now, we’re left with having to venture into other games or clones such as Creative Destruction while we wait for Fortnite to make its next big move. With that said, what are you hoping to see come out into the game next?

Source: Twitter