Fortnite: Battle Royale – Everything New In Chapter 2 Explained | Map, Fishing, Gunsmithing & More

Fortnite: Chapter 2 has arrived. Say goodbye to the old map, and say hello to a whole bunch of new features — including a totally new map to explore. You’ll find tons of new features in this map; fishing, swimming, speedboats, weapon upgrade stations, ambush mechanics, and more. To help you fully comprehend all these changes, we’re compiling a list of everything new in the game that we’ve found so far.

And there is a lot. After Season 11 ended, the entire Fortnite ecosystem was sucked into a black hole. That cleared the way for Chapter 2, and a whole lot of interesting new stuff. The map is more detailed than ever, with unique named locations like a beach resort, a Nuclear power plant, and a massive dam.

It’s a lot to take in. So here’s a quick list of everything that’s new in Chapter 2.

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[Work-in-Progress: There are no official patch notes yet, so here’s a list of everything new. We’ll add more as it’s discovered.]

Image Source: [u/createdbyeric]

A Whole New Chapter 2 Map

The map has been completely revamped with new named locations, more variety, and a (slightly) more realistic look to the island itself. The loot pool has been simplified slightly, and there’s a lot of new hidden features you can use to travel around the map, or get better loot.

Swimming & Boats

The biggest change is swimming and boats. You won’t be able to dive, but there’s a much bigger focus on water this time around. You can board a fast boat and zip around the outside of the island, follow the waterways, and carry up to three other friends who can freely shoot. Water connects much more of the island, so boats are pretty handy this time around.

Fishing For Free Loot

Fishing is a new activity you can do — it leaves you completely exposed to snipers, but you can always box yourself in with walls and fish in (relative) peace. Fishing can get you random guns and resources! Find a secluded spot and start fishing. You’re bound to get something good eventually.

Image Source: [u/ItsScootyBro]

Weapon Upgrading

Look around in named locations, and you might find a Weapon Upgrade station. For 50 wood, 50 brick and 50 metal, you can upgrade a common gun into an uncommon gun — increasing rarity by one level. Increasing an uncommon to a rare costs 150 of each resource, so it’s only going to get more expensive from there.

Carrying Teammates (And Enemies)

Now you can carry teammates! Carrying lets you take them out of a dangerous situation and plop them down somewhere safer, where it’s easier to revive them. Or, you can pick up downed enemies and toss them off a high-place for a flashy finisher.

Hiding (In The Trash)

You can now hide in certain objects and lay in wait for your enemies. When you’re reach to ambush, you’ll launch out and get a chance to blast your unsuspecting opponents. You can hide in trashcans, hay bails, and probably lots of other places too.

Finally You Can Blow Up The Gas Station

Whenever I see the gas stations in Fortnite, I want to blow them up. Now you can by aiming for the gas tanks out-front — shoot them and they’ll set off an massive chain reaction, destroying the entire structure and anyone stuck inside.

Support Your Team With The Healing Launcher

There are now healing guns you can use to fix up your damaged friends. These healing cannons shoot blobs of healing juice. You can’t use it to heal yourself, but if you’re more of a support player, this is a great gun to have around to back up the squad.

And much more! We’re still looking for new features, so check back soon!