Rumor: Fortnite: Chapter 2 Is Coming Soon According To Leak

Fortnite is a massively popular battle royale title that is completely free to play. However, Epic Games has been making a killing with the in-game options purchases which has kept the development studio turning out new content for players to enjoy within the game. From crossover events, new skins and challenges, there’s no telling what is coming for the game next. However, one user may have stumbled upon a name coming to Fortnite, signaling a big change to the overall game.

An image has been going around online that showcases Fortnite: Chapter 2. Apparently, this image was used from an Italian app store but as of right now nothing is official. There is plenty of rumors going around now with what this could signify. Some have suggested that this is a means of bringing the game out of early access.

With that said, there are other rumors and supposed leaks circulating online that suggest that Fortnite: Chapter 2 could bring in a new mp, storyline and even new in-game transportation such as boats. Really, these are all just rumors and speculations that may not hold any weight. Epic Games has not made any comment on what Fortnite: Chapter 2 will bring out into the market, but we’re sure that there will be plenty of fans eager to hop onto the title once it does officially release.

Fortnite is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS platforms. What are you hoping to see from this new chapter release for the game?

Source: VG247