Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair: All TWIT Coin Locations | Chapters 11-20

Complete your TWIT coin collection in Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair with these locations for Chapter 11-20. These are (almost) the toughest levels in the game, so the search is getting trickier. If you’re looking to pay off Trowzer completely and 100% the game, you’ll need these valuable coins.

Heavily inspired by Donkey Kong Country, just beating the levels in Yooka-Laylee isn’t enough. You also need to grab coins to progress through the puzzling overworld. Completing levels only gives you a single bonus Beetalion — the more Beetalions you have, the more hits you can take in the Impossible Lair, the challenging final dungeon of the game. And yes, you’ll probably need all 40 when all is said and done. It’s that tough!

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All TWIT Coin Locations | Chapters 11-20

Twit Coins are collectibles that you’ll need to unlock new sections of the map. There are 200 total — and you’ll need them all to open every single paywall.

Chapter 11: Conveyor Chaos

  • Coin #1: At the spinning platforms, complete the ghost quill challenge.
  • Coin #2: After jumping up the two sets of spinning platforms, there’s a small hole — drop down to find a secret green door.
  • Coin #3: At the sloped conveyors, there’s one at the top you can only reach by bouncing off an enemy’s head. There’s an infinite enemy spawner nearby.
  • Coin #4: On the moving conveyor belts, ride them all the way up and drop down through the center room ceiling.
  • Coin #5: Spot this one below the blue conveyors with the red buzzsaws. At the end, drop down and go left to reach it.

Chapter 12: Buzzsaw Falls

  • Coin #1: Just left of the start. To ride the lift to the top, you need to jump into a secret alcove on the rock wall.
  • Coin #2: At the logging building checkpoint, there’s a coin cage above. Get a bomb from the bottom of the waterfall earlier.
  • Coin #3: On a platform near the spinning wheel with three timed collapsing platforms.
  • Coin #4: Another in a cage you can’t miss. When you’re back outside, you’ll see it when going down the wooden ramps area above the water. The bomb is hidden under a Buddy Stomp hatch by a waterfall.
  • Coin #5: At the end of the level, follow the golden quills and jump on the upper path when sliding down.

Chapter 13: Cliffside Quest

  • Coin #1: Take the underwater path with the squid bots. At the bottom, there’s a hidden path with this coin.
  • Coin #2: On the lower-left underwater path, use the Buddy Stomp hatch and jump up to the ghost quill. Complete it to collect the coin.
  • Coin #3: Following the underwater path with the saws, jump to the hidden alcove to the right of the green door.
  • Coin #4: On the seesaw platforming section, the coin is high up near the end of the first path. Run when the seesaw is highly tilted.
  • Coin #5: Through the upper-right green door, go left on the other side and drop down. Complete the ghost quill to make the last coin appear.

Chapter 14: Hazard Hanger

  • Coin #1: Early in the level, you’ll see a coin gate under the wooden crates. There’s a bomb found nearby in the above area.
  • Coin #2: When you reach the passages with the moving spike platforms, jump on top of the tubes to reach a bomb crate and break open the coin cage.
  • Coin #3: At a spike piston, the path forks up and down. Go down to spot the coin.
  • Coin #4: At the green slime pool with two spike pistons, grab the ghost quill and complete the challenge to spawn the coin.
  • Coin #5: Inside the airship, you’ll enter a room with a rocket turret and a stack of crates. The coin is in a crate in the bottom-left corner.

Chapter 15: Turbine Trouble

  • Coin #1: Found above the second green door. Lure an enemy over to jump up to the crate.
  • Coin #2: When you reach the underwater path with the spinning wheel with burning edges, swim down and left to find the coin.
  • Coin #3: At the top of the spinning gear dangers, jump up to rope platforms and go left into the secret area instead of right.
  • Coin #4: Can’t miss it. While riding the wheels, there’s a coin cage — grab a bomb and take it with you.
  • Coin #5: At the cog wheel located between two green doors, sit and wait until the coin appears.

Chapter 16: Queasy Quay

  • Coin #1: Right at the start of the level. Grab a bounce pad fruit from the crate ahead, then use it to jump onto the crate left of the start.
  • Coin #2: In the maze of crates with laser beams, you’ll find the coin between rope platforms. Buddy Stomp through a hatch to reach it.
  • Coin #3: Between two purple doors, there’s an auto-rope above a red bramble. Ride it until the coin raises up.
  • Coin #4: One is located between two tall stacks of hanging chain crates. To reach it, jump onto the beam drone to the left.
  • Coin #5: Found past the level exit.

Chapter 17: Boom-Boom Blast

  • Coin #1: At the first checkpoint there’s a Buddy Stomp hatch. Stomp through to reach the coin.
  • Coin #2: When you reach the cannons that spin freely, stop at the last one and fire right to reach a hidden area.
  • Coin #3: A crate you can’t miss between seesaw platforms. Roll-attack to smash it when the seesaw is raised.
  • Coin #4: Under the next checkpoint, you can roll down to a hidden area from the seesaw.
  • Coin #5: At the last cannon challenge, look for a circle of gold quills. Drop into the circle to launch from a secret cannon.

Chapter 18: Pumping Plant

  • Coin #1: Underwater, you’ll see a big crate with a pointer on it. Follow it to a secret area with this coin.
  • Coin #2: After climbing the vine walls, you’ll see a stack of crates with a bomb crate to your left. Roll through it to find a hidden alcove.
  • Coin #3: Past a checkpoint, there’s a giant wheel in the water. You can dive down to find a coin.
  • Coin #4: In the area where you have to race to outrun the toxic waste, look to the left for a hidden coin alcove.
  • Coin #5: Right before the end of the level, there’s a ghost quill. Complete it to get the coin.

Chapter 19: Scareship Shootout

  • Coin #1: After unlocking the green door, climb the rope wall. At the top, go right to find a secret alcove.
  • Coin #2: In the checkpoint with the ‘X’ laser bot, blast open the gate to the left and then reach the far green door. You’ll enter a room with the coin.
  • Coin #3: Continuing on, dodge laser bots and find a hidden alcove through the right wall before dropping down. There’s a coin crate out of reach — throw a bomb and the coin will lower down.
  • Coin #4: In the small room with the windmill platforms, you’ll find a coin crate in the upper-right corner.
  • Coin #5: Near the end of the level, on a platform above a spinning laser bot.

Chapter 20: Scareship Scroll

  • Coin #1: After escaping the first chase, step onto the hanging crates and they’ll drop. Look left for a little cave to leap into.
  • Coin #2: After the second escape sequence, grab a bomb and bounce off a flying enemy’s head to reach the coin cage.
  • Coin #3: Complete the ghost quill that’s in your path, between two crates and with a flyer buzzing around.
  • Coin #4: Under a platform during the chase sequence. Drop down onto the coin and you’ll also hit an invisible cannon.
  • Coin #5: At the end of the level, go left instead of right and jump over the crab enemy to find this coin.