Fortnite: Chapter 2 – How To Earn More XP & Rank Up Tiers Faster | XP Guide

XP is weird in Fortnite: Chapter 2. There’s still XP to earn, it’s just that the numbers are uncharacteristically low — most players are earning less XP, and they’re ranking up slower as a result. The Battle Pass is a limited-time thing, and you can only earn so much XP through weekly missions. If you want to complete your tiers faster without endless grinding, I’ve put together a few tips to help improve your XP output.

Earning XP and unlocking Battle Pass Tiers is a purely cosmetic thing in Fortnite. You won’t earn new guns or powers. XP is all about earning sweet cosmetics that you get to keep permanently after earning them. Cosmetics are only available during each season, or can be purchased from the store at random intervals — but it’s mostly through the Battle Pass. Those Battle Passes cost real cash, so if you want to get the most out of them before the season expires, you’ll want to earn as much XP as possible. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

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How To Earn More XP & Rank Up Tiers Faster | XP Guide

For most players, a single team game is netting about 3,000 XP per match. That’s barely anything — extremely low, and if you’re netting that much per match, you’ll want to change your gameplay schedule to improve those numbers.

There are a few ways to earn way more XP — and it isn’t about grinding. This is about using your time as efficiently as possible. It’s such a big problem, I fully expect Epic will actually bump up the numbers so players earn about as much XP as they did in previous seasons, but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, here’s a few tips to help.

Complete Punchcard Medals And Get Bonus XP

Punchcard Medals are daily challenges you can do that are totally new to Fortnite. They’re all basic tasks — do so much damage in a match with SMGs / Assault Rifles / other weapons, or scavenging so many materials, or opening so many chests. By completing these medals, you can earn a lot more XP.

NOTE: Medals aren’t just about winning or getting kills. You don’t even have to be good at the game! Just run around opening chests, collecting materials, or go fishing to complete the daily medal challenges.

These are daily challenges, so you’re encouraged to login daily to complete the new Medals over and over. It’s an annoying problem, but one that’s mandatory right now — by completing a variety of medals in each match, you can earn 10k-15k XP instead of a piddling 3k.

The Medals can only earn you 24k XP per day. So you’ll need to log in daily to take full advantage of this mechanic.

Supercharge Your XP Bar For Double XP

This is a secret feature that’s only available to Battle Pass members. While medals are open to everyone, completing all the daily Medals will give Battle Pass owners a supercharged XP bar — it glows yellow, and gives you double XP. It’s a great way to earn more daily, and most players don’t seem to understand how it works.

By completing all eight of your daily medals, you’ll get the supercharged yellow XP bar for a few matches. At least, that’s the theory —

Complete Battle Pass New World Missions

Another way to earn XP is unlocked after purchased the Battle Pass. New World Missions are another simple mission type. Each of these weekly challenges give 14k XP each. You’ll have 11 challenges available every week, so it’s very important to complete these. It’s simple and straightforward, just complete these.

Play Battle Royale Solo

Unless you’re a master, most players seem to earn about 3k XP per match in team play. That’s why you might want to swap over to Solo. For whatever reason, as long as you’re getting average kills and surviving, you can earn a much larger stake of XP — even up to about 8k XP per match.

And that’s everything. To get the most XP, you’ll need to complete medals daily, get your supercharged XP boost, finish up weekly missions, and play Solo as a last resort. Here’s hoping Epic makes leveling up a little easier in the near future.