Fortnite: Battle Royale – And Now There’s A Giant Purple Cube, Moving Very, Very Slowly | Easter Egg Guide

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The world of Fortnite: Battle Royale is in a constant state of flux. In Season 5 alone, we’ve seen new locations like Tomato Temple and Paradise Palms pop into existance. Features (and weapons) are being added regularly, and let’s not even talk about the weekly challenges. No, Season 5 has been a busy time for Fortnite faithful, and now there’s a new mystery to check out — a giant purple gelatinous cube.

And you can watch it’s slow march yourself, in almost real-time. The giant cube isn’t just a weird sight to see, it’s also a timer — because every one hour (and 43 minutes) that big bouncy cube is moving somewhere. Where? I have no idea, but the predominant guess is that it’s travelling toward Loot Lake. Are we going to see the next big change in the watery area in the northwest? I wouldn’t be shocked to find out the lake is going to get drained in Season 6.

For now, I have no idea what’s up. Keep scrolling to learn more about this weird anomaly in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Giant Purple Cube Mystery | Easter Egg Guide

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After a series of lightning bolts, the giant purple mystery cube has appeared. This strange cube is (seemingly) safe to touch and jump on, but don’t shoot it! You’ll get zapped with a burst of lightning if you try it. Instead, it’s better to bounce on the surface — and standing near it gives the added benefit of a shield recharge. That’s pretty handy, right?

Even weirder, the giant cube (which gives off an ominously low, rumbling sound effect) appears to be moving. It first appeared near Paradise Palms in the desert biome, but every one hour, forty-three minutes (1:43) this giant cube relocates. Right now, it appears to be moving toward Loot Lake — but it might change directions, or just do something completely different.

Whatever the case, this is another wacky step in the setup for Season 6, which is quickly coming for us. For Season 5, it was a rocket launch and a rift in time. Here’s hoping the start of Season 6 is just as explosive.