Blair Witch: How To Unlock Every Ending | Good, Bad & Secret Endings Guide

Blair Witch, the new horror game by Bloober Team, the fright-suppliers that brought us Layers of Fear, features a twisty psychological narrative that matches the weirdness of their previous games. Mixing in themes of PTSD, Blair Witch isn’t exactly the game you might think it is. There are a series of endings you can unlock, and some of them are a lot trickier to get than others — for one, you’ll have to complete the game, then take an item with you into NG+ to complete a puzzle.

What sets this game apart is your dog companion Bullet. This barking friend is by your side for most of the game, and he’ll help defend you against the strange creatures that stalk the woods where the Blair Witch resides. Depending on how you treat your animal companion, you might be able to unlock a unique secret ending — check out all the endings below to learn more.

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How To Unlock Every Ending | Good & Bad Endings Guide

There are two main endings in Blair Witch — the good ending and the bad ending, and two secret additional endings you can unlock. The game tells you a little white lie about how to actually uncover these endings. It doesn’t matter how you treat your dog. The endings are determined (mostly) by whether you ‘fight’ the monsters or avoid them, and whether you choose violent or non-violent actions.

Take His Face – The Bad Ending

To witness the bad ending in Blair Witch, you need to use your flashlight to ‘kill’ the monsters instead of avoiding them. Kill as many as you can.

You’ll also need to follow the orders you receive in Chapter 17. Do as you’re told and kill the sheriff, then pull the lever.

Break The Cycle – The Good Ending

The Good Ending is a little harder — you need to avoid ‘killing’ any of the monsters with your flashlight. Instead, use the Night-Vision to sneak around them. Don’t collect any of the Dolls (except the dolls that are required to progress in Chapter 17) — and don’t destroy the Totems.

In Chapter 17, you need to disobey orders instead of following the commands. Don’t pull the lever, and don’t kill. Just leave through the door. When it slams shut, just open it and leave again.

Secret Endings

There are two additional secret endings you can unlock. These are additional scenes that reveal the true fates of certain characters in the game.

Last Goodbye – Bullet’s True Fate

To get this ending, you really do need to take good care of Bullet. Getting it can be tricky, so just follow these guidelines — it’s mostly about treating Bullet with kindness at every opportunity.

Pet Bullet whenever he brings you something, or just randomly while you explore. Do it every once in awhile — don’t let too much time pass without petting bullet. Also, make sure Bullet stays close by. Don’t leave him behind or let him run off.

Unlike for the ‘good’ ending, you need to destroy as many totems as you possibly can. You’ll also want to feed him the dog snacks in your inventory.

For specific actions, you need to keep carrying Bullet in Chapter 14 until you collapse. Don’t let him go.

Last Transmission – Peter’s True Fate

At the end of the game, in Chapter 17, stop at the door marked in red with the Blair Witch symbol. To the right, collect the battery from the small table. Grab it, then complete the game.

When you restart, enter the Bunker in Chapter 4. Unlock the door with the code [2113] — inside, you’ll find an item. Crouch down and use the battery — then you’ll learn Peter’s true fate.