Wolfenstein: Youngblood – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Detention Area 4

Welcome to Political Detention Area 4, the ramshackle zone outside of Brother 2 — the second raid of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. We’re hunting down the many hidden collectibles in this region, and you can follow along with the full guide (and locations) below. There are a ton of collectibles in each area, and this particular zone is where you’ll end-up in the mid-game, right before breaking into the second raid zone.

In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you play as a pair of Nazi-smashing sisters in occupied Paris. They’re here to rescue their lost father, series hero B.J. Blazkowics, and to do that, they’ll need to take down three towers that control the Nazi war machine in France. Each tower is a ‘raid’ — a difficult mission you’ll need to complete on three lives only. If you can succeed, you might just save France, your father, and the whole world. For now, we’re just going after the collectibles.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Detention Area 4

[Work-in-Progress: More collectibles will be added as they’re discovered in this area. Not all collectibles can be found on your first visit.]

There are six types of collections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood — Readables, UVK taps, Audio Tapes, 3-D Glasses, Floppies, and Concept Chests.

How To Use Floppies & Unlock Concept Chests: Use Floppies on computers to discover hidden codes and location clues for Concept Chests in each area

Floppy #1: In the resistance apartment, up the stairs from the hallway that’s located across the metro entrance.

3-D Glasses #1: Drop down to the canal near the entrance filled with ramshackle houses. In the back-left corner, on a rooftop, there’s a table with a pair of 3-D Glasses.

Tape #1: Above the 3-D Glasses, jump through the hole in the wall and look to the left in the alley. The cassette is on the ground, on some cardboard.

Readable #1: On the second floor of the Nazi Outpost, down the street from the Detention Area 4 entrance.

Readable #2: In the office, past the code-locked gate in the same outpost.

UVK Tape #1: On top of the outer gate of the outpost. Climb the ladder past the code-locked gate to find it on a crate.

Tape #2: On the second floor of the Resistance Outpost, in the pool room.

Readable #3: In the same room, on the work bench.

Readable #4: In the bedroom of the Resistance Outpost, on the upper level, down the hall from the Elektrokraftwerk door.

Readable #5: In the computer room, again on the second floor.

UVK Tape #2: On a desk in the same computer room — it’s in the opposite orner, near the windows.

Readable #6: On the second floor apartment outside the Resistance Outpost — you can jump to the open window from the Resistance Outpost balcony. You can access this aparment from the alleyway to the right, after leaving the code-controlled Nazi checkpoint.

UVK Tape #3: Above the TV, in the same room as the previous collectible.

Readable #7: In the second floor apartment across from the METRO STATION. Look on the bookshelves built into the wall.

3-D Glasses #2: In a shack under the apartment from above. Can only be accessed from the underground. So head toward the underground entrance by the empty resistance base and look for the other underground exit while underground. You’ll have to pass by a underground metro station to get to it, so the other exit can take some time to reach.

Tape #3: In the first checkpoint on the bottom floor. Look for this cassette hidden under some books on the desk with the Floppy Disk reader.

Tape #4: In the same checkpoint, pass through the locked keypad door and look at windowsil in the small room looking out to the street. You’ll see a tower in the distance.

3-D Glasses #3: In the resistance base, look for a door that requires the elektrokraftwerk gun. Open it and you’ll find the glasses on a chair.

3-D Glasses #4: On the street with the laser gun in the bus, look for a car infront of the wall where the laser points. Look under the front bumper to find the glasses.

Cassette #5: In the shack on the laser gun bus street. Find a shack with a breakable door, smash through it and find the cassette on the cot.

Readable #8: In the left machine gun nest leading to the main gate to Bruder 2.

3-D Glasses #5: Look in the drain to the right when facing the main gate to Bruder 2.

Readable #9: Look in the tower to the Right when facing the main gate to Bruder 2. Requires the Lazerkraftwerk to enter.

Floppy #2: In the same tower on the street with the main gate to Bruder 2. Found right next to the Floppy disk reader.

UVK Tape #4: Look for the second floor apartment on the Bruder 2 Gate street. You’ll find the UVK COVER hidden on a shelf behind the couch.

3-D Glasses #6: In the large nazi base area, there’s a locked blue door. Find a way around to get to the long alleyway on the other side of this door to find a pair of 3d glasses on a table beside it.

Readable #10: On a box infront of some large cargo containers in the large nazi base area with the tower.

Concept Chest #1: Look at the large shipping container on top of the one by the previous readable. Go around it and look up to find an exposed lock you can shoot off. When you do, the door will swing open. Go inside to find the first container.

Tape #6: Found on the dash of the bus in the same tower area.

Floppy #3: In the tower in the large nazi outpost area. You’ll need the Dieselkraftwerk to open the door, which is found when doing the raid on Bruder 2.

Readable #11: On the same desk as the floppy in the tower.

Concept Chest #2: Found in the Resistance base area. This container is in a secret room, that can only be accessed by interacting with a coco clock beside the door in the room with all the beds. It’s small and doesn’t look like you can do anything, but just try it. When you interact with the clock, a shelf just outside in the hallway will slide open, revealing the second container.

Detention Area 4 Underground

Readable #1: Take the TRANSMITTER “Reach the Abandoned Outpost” side mission. You’ll find the readable at the mission location on the table.

Floppy #1: In the Metro subway station area, look in the left-most subway car from the entrance to find a floppy. It gives a clue on how to find one of the Concept Chests, which is very difficult to find without this clue.