Nintendo Switch Hacked To Run Android OS

The Nintendo Switch is a hit hybrid console but it was also a quick console platform for hackers to dive into. While some have decided to go through the various channels to hack their systems and import various homebrews and games, others have been exploring more unique opportunities for the Nintendo Switch. One of those ventures for the hybrid console was importing a new operating system as we’re finding out that you can now run an android OS for the console.

This is new so don’t expect everything to work. There are a ton of bugs so unless you’re interested in the OS, it’s likely best to avoid diving into the process in adding android to your console. With that said, it’s pretty exciting to see what all fans can come up with for the system with the biggest likely being video game titles that are not readily available for the Nintendo Switch platform.

As mentioned, this operating system is full of bugs and you’ll notice everything from the battery life to touchscreen issues. But this is the first step into developers opening up potential new software and features for the Nintendo Switch that Nintendo is not interested in providing officially. Likewise, it’s worth noting that turning your Nintendo Switch into a system that runs Linux may ruin your Nintendo Switch console entirely so again we don’t recommend going forward with this new hack.

Source: Engadget