Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Get (And Save) More Spell Energy

Spell Energy is a constant annoyance in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

You’ll have to use your precious stock of Spell Energy just to keep playing — for every spell you cast, for every foundable, for every fortress, you’ll have to use up some of your spell energy. Once you run out, you’ll have to wait to play at a later time. It’s basically the timer that forces you to eventually quick playing and do something else for a day.

Spell Energy is a precious resource, and here we’re going to talk about all the ways to earn Spell Energy, how to get more of it, and what you’ll want to do to save as much of it as possible.

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How To Get (And Save) More Spell Energy

Spell Energy is the resource you’ll use to do activities in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — any activity that has you slinging spells will use up Spell Energy.

Spell Energy is extremely precious, and you’ll need at least 30 to take on even a simple Fortress. Here’s where to find it.

How To Get Spell Energy:

There are three primary ways you’ll earn Spell Energy. Inns, Greenhouses and Daily Assignments.

  • Inns: Are found in the open-world map. Tapping an Inn will earn you 1-10 Spell Energy. Inns can be collected every 5 minutes.
  • Daily Assignments: Are short daily quests. You’ll get 5-10 Spell Energy for completing assignments.
  • Greenhouses: Give the smallest amount of Spell Energy. There is a chance they’ll give 2+ Spell Energy.

Inns are the main way you’ll earn Spell Energy. Fans say that you’ll earn more Spell Energy if Inns are further apart — Inns that are close to each other give less Spell Energy, but Inns in sparsely populated areas will give more.

NOTE: At the start of the game, you’ll be able to collect a free package from the store for 50 Spell Energy.

How To Upgrade Your Spell Energy:

To increase your total amount of Spell Energy that you can carry, you can purchase two simple upgrades. These don’t give you more Spell Energy, but increase the maximum you can collect — which means you can fill your vault up to the maximum amount of Spell Energy, and be able to play longer before you need to restock.

  • Spell Energy Capacity Upgrade (150 Coins)
  • Vault Upgrade (475 Coins)

I recommend saving your coins and purchasing the Vault Upgrade instead of the Spell Energy Capacity Upgrade. The Vault Upgrade will upgrade all of your capacities, not just Spell Energy. You’ll be able to save enough Coins for both as a Free Player — or you can spend some real cash. 500 Coins = $10 US.

How To Save Up Spell Energy:

To avoid wasting Spell Energy, there are a few tricks you can do — and it’s all about becoming better at the game, and improving your spell success chances.

  • Spell Energy Tips:
    • Get better at catching Foundables. Don’t fail spell attempts — the better you are, the fewer times you’ll have to attempt the same spell.
    • Play lower level Fortresses instead of higher level Fortresses — low Fortresses give a good amount of XP, and the higher level Fortresses are much, much harder without an exponentially improved XP reward.
    • Earn XP and Level Up — the higher your level, the better your spell success rate.
    • Focus on High / Severe / Emergency Trace (Foundables) when you’re low on Energy. These give much better rewards, and if you fail, you can just move on.
    • Don’t waste Spell Energy on Greenhouse pots!
    • And finally, try your best to avoid failing Spells.

And that’s (basically) everything you need to know about Spell Energy, how to get it, how to upgrade, and how to manage it. We’ll have lots more tips as we dig deeper into this game, so continue to follow us on Gameranx for all the info.