Cadence Of Hyrule: How To Unlock Secret Character Yves | Deku Nut Guide

Want to play as more characters? Don’t have a clue what those Deku Nuts are for in Cadence of Hyrule? I’ve got an answer to both of those questions — there is a secret character named Yves you can unlock, and you’ll need Deku Nuts to play as the little guy.

With Yves unlocks, that pushes the number of playable characters to a grand total of four. You can swap characters at any time from a Sheikah Stone, and the first character you’ll unlock is actually required to complete the story — you’ll need at least two later in the game, but the more you have, the easier the final boss will be. I won’t spoil anything else here, just know that this character is completely optional, and isn’t required to complete the game. Getting him is just a neat bonus that people like me can’t pass up.

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How To Unlock Secret Character Yves | Deku Nut Guide

To unlock Yves, a secret character in Cadence of Hyrule, you’ll need to fulfill two (very simple) requirements:

  • Have 20 Deku Nuts in your inventory.
  • Have reached the Lost Woods and encountered Tingle.

You’ll probably meet Tingle pretty early in your adventures — he’s the weird green guy that gives you the Dowser, which you’ll need to navigate the Lost Woods and find that particular dungeon. Talk to Tingle (the green guy) in the mini-game room, hidden in a tree log door, and he’ll say he wants Deku Nuts.

You can find Deku Nuts dropped by those weird nut-spitting, nozzle-nosed enemies in the forest areas. These guys will often drop Deku Nuts — once you get one (or more) return to Tingle in the Lost Woods entrance and hand over the nuts. He’ll give you Yves — a deku critter!

Yves can be swapped at any Sheikah Stone. This little hero has no arms, and he looks a little familiar if you’re a fan of Zelda. In Majora’s Mask, Link could transform into a little Deku guy with the right mask. Now you don’t transform into one, you can just play as one.