Cadence of Hyrule: How To Navigate The Lost Woods | Tingle’s Dowser Guide

The Lost Woods returns in Cadence of Hyrule, n surprisingly awesome Legend of Zelda crossover game with rogue-like elements. Instead of exploring a fixed world, Cadence of Hyrule changes every time you place. You’ll need to explore four dungeons to reach Hyrule Castle and save the kingdom, but you’ll have to do it to the beat. Every movement you make is set to a constant beat, and learning how to sync up with the beat while fighting hordes of familiar creatures is the best part of the game.

Even better, you get to play as two different characters. At the start, you can select either Link or Zelda to play as. Each hero has a strength and a weakness, and they can unlock different gear to equip. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing as, because both characters can solve the mystery of the Lost Woods if you learn the secret. It’s all about finding a familiar face from the Legend of Zelda games.

How To Navigate The Lost Woods | Tingle’s Dowser Guide

Like the Lost Woods in all previous Legend of Zelda games, there’s no way to navigate without a special trick. In this game, you’ll need to use Tingle’s Dowser — a special upgrade that lets you find your way through the Lost Woods.

To get Tingle’s Dowser, you need to explore the Lost Woods for a little bit. Just run around the Lost Woods, clearing rooms and getting nowhere — after some time, you’ll see you’re getting nowhere. To press further, you’ll need to enter Tingle’s Minigame Room. It’s located in a tree stump at the start of the Lost Woods.

Tingle is sleeping! To wake him up, you need to complete his minigame. Simply move to the special beat — you’ll move the large rock until it lands at the end of the path, landing on each note. Complete the mini-game correctly, and you’ll wake up Tingle.

As a reward, Tingle will give you his Dowser. Equip it to one of your four face buttons, and you’ll be able to navigate the Lost Woods. To use the Dowser, equip it and press the face button while in the Lost Woods. The sound is louder where you need to go — avoid areas where the Dowser makes a faint, quiet sound.

Follow the path the Dowser shows you, and you’ll be able to safely navigate the Lost Woods and reach the dungeon.