Cadence Of Hyrule: How To Get The Hibiscus Potion | Revive Zelda & Link Guide

Cadence of Hyrule puts a beat to the adventures of Link — and it’s full of just as many mysteries as a standard Legend of Zelda game. This indie off-shoot randomized the land of Hyrule, meaning everyone’s game world will be just a little bit different. Well, not completely different, there are certain puzzles that everyone will be able to solve.

One of the earliest puzzles you’ll encounter is in Kakariko Village, the sleepy hamlet that’s randomly located somewhere grassy on your unique map. Once you find it, you’ll find a sleeping Link or Zelda — yep, you can play as them both, and depending on which hero you select, you’ll be able to revive the alternate character with something called a Hibiscus Potion. So, don’t know where to find it? That’s what the guide below is all about.

How To Get The Hibiscus Potion | Revive Zelda & Link Guide

To get the Hibiscus Potion, used to revive Link or Zelda, depending on which character you chose after the tutorial, you’ll first need to reach Kakariko Village.

In the village, you’ll find Zelda or Link sleeping in a house next to the graveyard. Talk to the gravedigger, and he’ll tell you that the sleeping hero needs a Hibiscus Potion to wake up. Once you wake up the hero, you’ll be able to swap between them and play as either Link or Zelda.

Each hero has their own unique abilities. For example, only Link can use a shield.

How To Get The Hibiscus Potion: To get the Hibiscus Potion, push the large headstone in the top-center of the graveyard. You’ll reveal a hidden dungeon! Go down into the dungeon and clear it — you’ll need a key to reach the mini-boss at the end.

The key spawns from an enemy arena. Clear out the enemies, grab the key, and defeat the boss in the locked room above. The boss drops the Hibiscus Potion; once you have it, simply return to the house in Kakariko Town and use it to awaken Zelda or Link! Now you can play as them whenever you want.