Top Upcoming Survival Games of 2019

Note: This article was updated in June of 2019.

2019 is here and there are a ton of great video game titles to enjoy already along with a slew of games we can’t wait to get our hands on. In this list, we’re going to showcase some of our most anticipated survival titles that are slated or expected to launch before the end of the year. If you’re looking for some games to mark down on your calendars then take a look some of these upcoming releases.

Project Winter
  • Developer: Other Ocean Interactive
  • Publisher: Other Ocean Group
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release: May 23, 2019

Project Winter is all about deception and its a game where players must push beyond the paranoia and attempt to overcome the traitors of your group. Matches are set up with teams of eight players and the entirety of the group is stranded in the wilderness. In order to escape, players must work together and attempt to gather resources and complete tasks. However, in this team of eight are traitors. These traitors are known to each other but the group that are attempt to escape are oblivious. The role of a traitor, however, is to avoid being caught and foil the plans of escaping.

World War Z
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: April 16, 2019

If you want a bit more chaotic action to your zombie game then we have to suggest looking at World War Z. This title focuses on more horde based zombies where players can work together and fend off a massive horde of undead. They are a bit fast in movement similar to what we’ve seen in the film based that bears the same name. Zombies even pile up to reach higher grounds which we imagine no area is really safe from being reached and attacked. Apparently throughout the game players can strategically place traps to thin out the herd of zombies and you’ll be taken to different locations around the world.

  • Developer: Bohemia Interactive
  • Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
  • Platforms: XBO
  • Release: 2019

Vigor follows after the release of DayZ and in a lot of ways it resembles the game. For those of you  who didn’t enjoy DayZ, you’ll want to check into Vigor. The game has been available through early access, but players will find a full launch this year. Overall, the game follows a worldwide event which humanity is on its last legs where players are left in Norway. Best of all with this game you don’t have to fetch over any money because it’s a free-to-play title described as a shoot ‘n’ loot. Players will have to build shelters, gather resources and deal with the threats that lurk out in the open world.