Days Gone: How To Unlock Every Bonus Weapon & Recipe | Secret Guns Guide

It takes a long time, but you’ll eventually build up a massive arsenal of unique weapons in Days Gone. Most of the best weapons are waiting for you late in the game, and you’ll get some awesome tools of destruction for completing sidequests. The best optional weapons are drum-barrel equipped auto shotguns, silenced assault rifles, and shotgun revolvers — they’re all pretty special, so we’re listed literally everything that you can unlock in the game below.

Most of the recipes you’ll unlock naturally just for completing the singleplayer story. We’ve listed those too, just to complete the list. Just know that you really won’t miss out on those weapons in the end-game. The real optional weapons and recipes are unlocked by completing two specific quests — clearing Ambush Camps, or wiping out hordes.

Defeating hordes is tough. They’ll appear all over the map as you progress in the story, and very early in the game, dealing with hordes can feel impossible. It can be done with the right tools, but it might be safer to wait until the end-game before going hunting.

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How To Unlock Every Bonus Weapon & Recipe | Secret Guns Guide

Poison Bolt (Crossbow Ammo): Complete ‘I’m Never Giving Up’ Storyline

Boozer’s Shotgun (Unique Shotgun): Unlocked For 94% Completion Of ‘He’s My Brother’ Storyline

Residue Bolt (Crossbow Ammo): Unlocked For Partial Completion Of ‘Finding Nero’ Storyline

Unknown Nero Weapon (Crafting Recipe / Melee Weapon): Complete 100% Of ‘Finding Nero’ Storyline

Ripper Axe (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For 79% Completion Of ‘Ripped Apart’ Storyline

Drifter Crossbow (Upgraded Bow): Complete ‘Gear Up For The Ride’ Storyline

Remote Bomb (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For 100% Completion Of ‘Someone That I Used To Know’ Storyline

Health Cocktail (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For 52%l Completion Of ‘It’s All We’ve Got’ Storyline

Attractor (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For 46% Completion Of ‘We’ve All Done Things’ Storyline

The Sheriff (Revolver): Complete ‘We’ve All Done Things’ Storyline

Pipebomb (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For 81% Completion Of ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ Storyline

SSR (Sniper Rifle): Complete ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ Storyline

The Mayor (Shotgun Revolver): Complete ‘Law and Disorder’ Storyline

Napalm Molotov (Crafting Recipe): Unlocked For Partial Completion Of ‘Blow It Up Good” Storyline

Rock Chuck (Silenced Assault Rifle): Complete ‘Marauder Camp Hunter’ Storyline

SMP9 (Side-arm SMG): Complete 15% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

Auto Shotgun (Drum Mag Shotgun): Complete 25% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

SMP9 Mag Upgrade (Magazine Upgrade): Complete 35% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

IDF PUP (Powerful Assault Rifle): Complete 50% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

MG 55 (Unique LMG): Complete 50% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

IDF PUP Mag Upgrade (Magazine Upgrade): Complete 75% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

MG 55 Mag Upgrade (Magazine Upgrade): Complete 85% Of ‘Horde Killer’ Storyline

Spiked Bat (Crating Recipe): Complete 7% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Stamina Cocktail (Crating Recipe): Complete 14% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Focus Cocktail (Crating Recipe): Complete 21% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Baseball Bat Axe (Crating Recipe): Complete 29% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Focus Cocktail (Crating Recipe): Complete 36% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Superior Club (Crating Recipe): Complete 43% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Proximity Bomb (Crating Recipe): Complete 50% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Incendiary Bolt (Crating Recipe): Complete 57% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Attractor Bomb (Crating Recipe): Complete 71% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline

Explosive Bolt (Crating Recipe): Complete 86% Of ‘Ambush Camp Hunter’ Storyline