Mortal Kombat 11: All Forge Recipes List | Complete Ingredients Guide

While exploring the Krypt, a returning (and enhanced) feature in Mortal Kombat 11, you’ll quickly encounter the massive Forge. This mechanism allows you to combine three items to create something useful. This includes weapons / gear to equip to your characters, special Key items, konsumables, and even bonus currencies you can spend.

There’s just one problem — the recipes are hidden. To get any use out of the forge, you’ll need to experiment and dump items into the machine, hoping to get something worthwhile, or you can open containers until you randomly unlock a recipe.

Thankfully, you really don’t have to do either. If you know the recipes, you can start crafting items immediately. Below, I’ll list all the Forge recipes players have found so far. Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to get certain crafting materials, you’ll just have to hope RNG is on your side while opening chests or completing Towers.

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All Forge Recipes List | Complete Ingredients Guide


To use the Forge, you need to add three forge items. Forge Items are special crafting materials that can only be used with the Forge. You’ll earn forge items by completing towers or unlocking chests in the Krypt. When combining items, you’ll need to pay a fee in Koins, Soul Fragments, Hearts, or all three.

You can reach the Forge by collecting Shao Kahn’s hammer in the Krypt, then ringing the gong to open the gates in The Courtyard. You’ll find the gong through the cracked wall, behind the large stage with Shang Tsung’s seat.

You do not need to unlock recipes to craft items. If you know the recipe, you can combine forge materials and create the items listed below. Unlocking recipes adds them to your Kollection.

It does not matter what order you place the items. All that matters is placing the items correctly.

Useful Recipes List

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still experimenting with the forge. Check back soon for more recipes as they’re confirmed!]

5000 Koins = Gold Ore + Gold Ore + Copper Plating

250 Souls = Soul Essence + Soul Essence + Necromantic Runestone

Shinnok’s Amulet = Skeleton Soul + Ensorceled Demon’s Heart + Ensorceled Dragon Eye

Key Item Recipes List

Shinnok’s Amulet = Skeleton Soul + Ensorceled Demon’s Heart + Ensorceled Dragon Eye

Gear Recipes List

Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal (Sub-Zero) = Kytinn Spittle + Copper Plating + [???]

Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana (Kotal Kahn) = Splintered Machuathitl + Stabilized Chaos + Outworld Steel

Kunai of Hisso (Scorpion) = Taven’s Sword + NetherRealm Magma + Necromantic Runestone

Licensed To Fight (Johnny Cage) = Krypt Spider Silk + Gold Ore + Remnants of a Broken Trophy

Eager Partner (Kung Lao) = Element of Order + Elder God’s Spark + Ill-Fitting Dull Bladed Hat

Warrior’s Barbarous Face (Baraka) = Leather Strap + Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Battleworn Helmet

Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol (Cassie Cage) = Copper Plating + Brass Revolver + Outworld Steel

Mistress of Bojutsu (Jade) = Mileena’s Veil + Krypt Spider Silk + Essence of Edenian Magic

Shackle of Sin (Noob Saibot) = Drahmin’s Mask + Stablized Chaos + Obsidian Shard

Intimidator (Shao Kahn) = Dragon King Heart + NetherRealm Magna + Meteorite Dust

Outworld Warrior Extract (Skarlet) = Empty Shattered Vial + Coagulated Vampire Blood + Ground Bone Dust

Maelstrom Bringer (Raiden) = Magically Sealed Amulet + Elder God’s Spark + Bottled Thunder

Oni Scrotebag (Kollector) = Torn Sack + Tygorr hide + Krypt Spider Silk

Chaotian Era Chaos (Geras) = Dregs of the Hourglass + Element of Order + Stabilized Chaos

Wintermeter 9000 (Frost) = Depowered Tekunin Core + Powered Core + Circuitry Bundle

Left Hot Shottie (Jacqui) = Busted Black Market Gauntlet + Motherboard + Charged Capacitors

Winds of Destiny (Kitana) = Sindel’s Brush + Essence of Edenian Magic + Serpent Scales

Pronghorn & White-Tail (Erron Black) = Rusty Antique Pistol + Tygorr Hide + Handful of Flux

Space Odysseae (Cetrion) = Ageless Ironbark + Elder God’s Spark + Grave Soil

Rods of Pertinence (Liu Kang) = Zombie Chains + Leather Strips + Element of Order

Hunter Killer (Sonya) = Antique Training Manual + Circuitry Bundle + Frayed Wiring

Darkling Weevils (D’Vorah) = Grotesque Mutated Larva + Ground Bone Dust + Zaterran Venom Sac

Konsumables Recipes List

Transmute Koins (5000 Koins) = Gold Ore + Gold Ore + Copper Plating

Transmute Souls (250 Souls) = Soul Essence + Soul Essence + Necromantic Runestone

Special Forces Comm = Copper Plating + Power Core + [???]

Ethereal Armor = Element of Order + Essence of Edenian Magic + Copper Plating

Silver Dragon (Summons Kung Lao) = Bottled Thunder + Obsidian Shard + Outworld Steel

Tekunin Emergency Receiver (Summons Cyrax) = Frayed Wiring + Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle

Kytinn pheromones (Summons D’vorah) = Coagulated vampire blood + Cordite + Kytinn Spittle

Special Forces Com (Summons Cassie Cage) = Power Core + Circuitry Bundle + Copper Plating

Liu Kang’s Headband (Summons Liu Kang) = Dragon Flame + Element Of Order + Copper Plating

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