Life Is Strange 2: All Souvenir Collectibles Locations Guide | Episode 3

The story of Daniel and Sean Diaz continues in Episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2. In this step of their long journey to Mexico, the brothers encounter a drifter camp in California. Like every episode of Life Is Strange, there are souvenir collectibles to find — six of them, to be exact. For every collectible you find, you’ll earn a unique achievement / trophy. Finding them all will unlock the ‘Lost Boys Chronicles’ reward.

Life Is Strange 2 tells a very different story. Instead of Chloe Price and Max, old friends working together to solve a paranormal murder mystery, you’ll take control of Sean Diaz and his brother Daniel as they attempt to evade the law. Daniel has unlocked a strange power that allows him to manipulate objects with his mind — Sean, his older brother, wants to protect him from a dangerous world.

We’ll try to keep the story spoilers to a minimum in the guide below. Keep scrolling and you won’t miss a single collectible in Episode 3.

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All Souvenir Collectibles Locations Guide | Episode 3

Souvenirs are optional collectibles you can find in Episode 3. There are six total, as well as an optional sketch. Find them all to unlock the ‘Lost Boys Chronicles’ achievement / trophy.

Optional Sketch: At the forest camp, walk over to the wooden log and sit down to sketch. Keep checking the different ‘zones’ after sitting down to complete the picture. You’ll unlock the ‘American Graffiti‘ achievement / trophy for doing this optional activity.

Souvenir #1: At the start of the Episode, you’ll find yourself in a small camp. Near the log where you can complete the optional sketch, there’s a dog. Select to [Pet] the dog — the dog will move to a new location every time you [Pet] them. After three [Pet]s, the dog will dig up a small animal skull. Grab it for your first collectible.

Souvenir #2: Later in the episode, you’ll sit at a table with multiple characters as they cut plants. You’ll need to cut eight plants with scissors — be quick with the mini-game! Cut through enough, and you’ll spot a pen in the plant pile.

Souvenir #3: Back at the camp, follow Finn when he rests at the base of a large tree. Select [Speak] to talk to him. After the conversation, he’ll toss the stick he’s been whittling. Collect it from the ground.

Souvenir #4: Complete your camp chores and you’ll be able to visit Daniel at the lake. After skipping some stones, you’ll be free to explore. Turn right, and look behind a fallen tree trunk to spot a strange looking rock. That rock turns out to be a fossil.¬†

Souvenir #5: Returning to the camp late at night, you’ll be able to talk to various people as they sort-of-party. Go to the lit tent and speak with Ingrid / Cassidy — you’ll get a tattoo in the scene. Before leaving for the lake, talk to Ingrid again. She’ll tell you that you’re free to take anything from her tent. Go to Ingrid’s tent and grab a souvenir out front.

Souvenir #6: At the break-in area, through the gate, you’ll be able to find a collectible in the area. If you’re with Daniel, look for a yellow locker behind one of the pickup trucks. Daniel will open the locker for you and reveal a souvenir. If you’re with Cassidy, you’ll need to collect a tool from a nearby workbench to break open the locker.¬†