Celebrate Easter Weekend With 28 Awesome Easter Eggs On Gameranx

Pile of colorful Easter eggs

This Easter weekend, we’re celebrating one of my favorite parts of video games — the Easter eggs! Everything that’s secret, silly and special in gaming. We’re venerating those awesome hidden gems with a huge list, linking back to the long history of Gameranx to explore some of the wildest, most wonderful Easter eggs of the modern era.

I couldn’t help myself, so here are 28 totally rad Easter eggs I’ve covered in the not-so-distant past. When gaming seems to be more corporate than ever before, there are still developers hiding secrets in their games. Whether it’s references to the Infinity Gems in God of War, hidden freeze guns in Gears of War 4, retconning time paradoxes in Modern Warfare Remaster, or any of the other Easter eggs on our list, one thing becomes clear — Easter eggs are great, and they’re here to stay.

#1. God of War (2018): Yes, There’s An Infinity Gauntlet Easter Egg & It Shoots Purple Laser Beams

One of my personal favorite discoveries — the Infinity Gauntlet exists as a special power-up for Kratos in God of War (2018). You can find and equip Thanos’s golden glove, and by inserting special ‘Infinity Gems’ you can power this suck up and launch even-more-powerful blasts of purple energy. It’s awesome, and we’ve got video to prove it.

#2. Red Dead Redemption 2: Secret Robot & Electric Lamp Locations | ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Guide

In a game packed with weird secrets, this is probably my personal favorite. The discarded robot (and enhanced electric lamp) are earned by completing a certain mad scientist’s quests near the end of RDR2. Finding the secret finale to the quest — of the escaped automaton’s final resting place — is one of those incredible tiny details that make Red Dead 2 something special.

#3. The Division 2: Unlock A WW2 Era Uniform With This Hidden Quest | Secrets Guide

Here’s a relatively recent one — and one that still hasn’t been solved as of the time of this writing. In The Division 2, it’s possible to locate a hidden quest-giver in an underground bunker. This strange person sends you into an old OSS site in Washington D.C., which all hint at a much larger conspiracy — filled with unsolved riddles and strangely marked areas on the map. We might not know what’s going on (yet), but there’s a swanky unique WW2 era soldier uniform to unlock.

#4. Hitman 2 (2018): How Transform Everyone Into Flamingos | ‘Pink Army’ Guide

Hitman 2 keeps the tradition of HitmanĀ series silliness alive, and this is one of the best Easter eggs in the entire series. By completing a ridiculous series of events — dragging a dead body openly around the map, one wearing a flamingo costume — you can transform literally everyone into a pink flamingo. It’s wacky in all the best ways.

#5. DOOM (2016): Check Out This Playable Candy Crush Easter Egg

DOOM (2016) is a strong contender for one of the best FPS entries of the PS4 / Xbox One era, and it’s also packed with Easter eggs. My favorite is actually pretty easy to locate. You can play a Doom-themed candy crush clones, complete with cacodemons! Who doesn’t want to play that?

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