Red Dead Redemption 2: Secret Robot & Electric Lamp Locations | ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Guide

If you’ve reached Chapter 4 in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll eventually run into a very eccentric inventor by the name of Dragic. This strange fellow begins one of two Stranger missions you can play through for some pretty unique adventures, and it all leads to a not-so-shocking ending. Well, there’s more to Dragic’s brief story that you might realize. If you’ve reached the Epilogue, you can explore his lab and discover some amazing stuff.

Far in the wilderness, you can discover Dragic’s tragic creation — a fully-fledged, fully-formed robot. It talks, it walks, and it’s stuck in the high mountains. To help locate it, you’ll need to grab an electric lamp from the inventor’s lab up in Doverhill. The electric lamp replaces your standard lamp, and features a bright yellow bulb instead of your standard oil lantern. It’s a cool little replacement, and completing this little optional event will earn you the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ achievement / trophy. Learn all the steps below.

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Secret Robot & Electric Lamp Locations | ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Guide

To begin the Marko Dragic Stranger quests, travel to Saint Denis and look for him near the lake. He’s waiting by the water during the day, in a park standing by a very strange desk. This will begin his quest-chain, which eventually leads to the missing robot, the electric lamp, and the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ trophy / achievement.

Start by completing both Stranger missions — “A Bright Bouncing Boy – 1” and “A Bright Bouncing Boy – 2” — the second mission is located up in Doverhill, far north of Annesburg. It is only available during a thunderstorm.

Go to his lab, and Dragic will reveal his life’s work — a robot son! The robot only works for a very short amount of time before toppling over. That’s it, but there’s more you can do.

The Robot Easter Egg & The Electric Lamp

After completing all of Marko Dragic’s quests, return to his lab after 48 in-game hours have passed. You’ll find that Dragic has been murdered, and the robot has been stolen. On the ground, near Dragic’s body, you’ll find a unique electric lamp that you can carry. Pick it up!

This electric lamp is important for locating the missing robot. When the lamp faces the robot, it will change colors — from yellow to red.

The robot is located in the mountains near Colter in the far northwest corner of the map. Go up into the mountains, and you’ll be able to find this guy. He just keeps mumbling to himself — poor little guy. At least he’s free now.

This is one of the strangest Easter egg quests we’ve seen in RDR2. And there’s way more — vampires, UFOs, and other oddities are hidden throughout this weird version of the Wild West.