Enter The Gungeon: Farewell To Arms Update – How To Unlock Paradox, Gunslinger & Access The Secret R&G Level

Enter The Gungeon is going out with a bang. The final update — called ‘A Farewell To Arms’ — includes a load of new guns to unlock, new items to collect, and three awesome secrets you won’t want to miss. There are two new playable characters to select, and a new secret floor to explore with a bonus boss battle at the end. It’s something completely different, and totally hidden, so let’s talk about unlocking this content.

The two new characters are the Paradox and the Gunslinger. The Paradox is a weird, inverse version of the Marine. Unlike any of the other characters, the Paradox can spawn with literally any weapon — they’re totally randomized, which is nice for variety in future replays. The Gunslinger is a special character that starts with a super-fast wild west revolver that he literally throws after emptying the magazine.

We’re not just talking about characters, either. There’s a new hidden location, called R&G Dept., that leads to a secret boss voiced by the irreplaceable Cam Clarke — voice of Liquid Snake and many other high-quality bosses throughout gaming history. You’ll find step-by-step instructions to unlock this new area, too.

How To Unlock Paradox, Gunslinger & Access The Secret R&G Level

The ‘A Farewell To Arms’ update is the last planned free expansion to Enter The Gungeon. It includes a ton of new weapons / items, but we’re focusing on the new playable characters and dungeon level here.

How To Unlock Paradox

Look for a strange rift in the 1st / 2nd / 3rd Floor. There’s a 20% chance the rift will appear in any room randomly in the first three floors. Entering a rift will unlock a special paradox effect.

  • To unlock Paradox, you need to ‘kill the character’s past‘ or defeat the Lich in Bullet Hell with a paradox effect active.

You will only be able to begin the Paradox ‘quest’ after ‘killing the past’ of at least one of the playable heroes.

To ‘kill that past’, you need to build a special item — ‘The Bullet That Can Kill The Past’. There are four components. You only need to collect one of each component and turn them in to the blacksmith in the Forge.

  • ‘Kill The Past’ Components:
    • Primer Primer: Can be purchased from a shop for 110.
    • Arcane Gunpowder: Found in the massive ’empty’ chamber in the second level mine. Dodge-roll into the invisible mine-carts to reach the gunpowder.
    • Planar Lead: Found in the massive ’empty’ chamber in the third level. Use any gun that leaves residue / casings on the ground to reveal the hidden, invisible path.
    • Obsidian Shell Casing: Destroy the skull of the ‘final boss’ Dragun to find this casing.

After collecting all four parts and giving them to the blacksmith, you’ll be able to collect the bullet an infinite number of times. Just take it with you to ‘kill the past’ in the ending.

You can also defeat the Lich in Bullet hell to unlock Paradox. To do this, you need to ‘kill the past’ of all four main heroes. When you approach the final chest that contains the ‘Gun That Can Kill The Past’, you’ll be dragged into Bullet Hell.

How To Unlock Gunslinger

To unlock the Gunslinger, you need to defeat The Lich, the final boss of Bullet Hell, with Paradox.

That means you need to unlock Bullet Hell and the Paradox character before the Gunslinger becomes available. Bullet Hell is unlocked after ‘killing the past’ of all four main playable characters. To do that, you need to collect the ingredients and give them to the blacksmith at the forge — check the previous entry for all the details.

  • To unlock Gunslinger, you need to kill the Lich in Bullet Hell with Paradox. When you restart, you’ll play as Gunslinger — to keep him, you need to ‘kill the past’ as Gunslinger.

After ‘killing the past’ with all four main character, you’ll be dragged into Bullet Hell at the ending chest. This is the hardest area in the game, and leads to a special final boss called ‘The Lich’. It’s tough, but if you can defeat the Lich with Paradox, you’ll unlock the Gunslinger for purchase.

How To Unlock The R&G Dept

To reach the special ‘RNG’ Department, you’ll need to collect items and give them to the sewer goblin called the ‘Sell Creep’ that often appears in stores.

  • To unlock the R&G Dept: Give the Sell Creep a Master Round and two random guns or items. Do this for the Sell Creep in the Hollow.

The Sell Creep is that weird sewer goblin — you can give him items. To unlock the RNG Dept., a futuristic office with the same layout every time and a deadly new boss, you’ll need to earn a Master Round and drop two more guns / items. You get a Master Round for defeating a boss without taking any hits.

If you give the Sell Creep the right stuff, he’ll smash over the sewer grate, allowing you to drop inside and fight through the experimental area. It’s a high-tech / modern office with totally unique enemies and a special boss fight.

The boss is ‘Agunim – Voiced By Cam Clarke’ — and he’s even riding a HIND-D helicopter on a tower rooftop. The entire boss fight is a reference to Liquid Snake’s Hind-D helicopter boss in Metal Gear Solid. Now that’s an inspired homage.

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