Bullet-Hell Dungeon Crawler ‘Enter the Gungeon’ Gets Super Update

Indie hit Enter the Gungeon has just been enhanced with a massive ‘Supply Drop’ content update, which adds new weapons, enemies, bosses and much more across almost 200 extra rooms.

Enter the Gungeon released last year to critical acclaim, and has almost sold 800,000 copies since its launch. Its a unique fusion of pixel art, bullet hell with elemental splashes of roguelike that drew inspiration from titles such as The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, Dark Souls and Metal Gear Solid. In addition to new bosses and new companions whose power has a positive correlation with the amount of literal junk you carry in-game, the update features a new gun called the Bullet Gun, which is a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns. Then those guns shoot bullets. I’m not even kidding.

Haven’t tried Enter the Gungeon yet? You can grab it today for just $7.49 USD (50% off the regular price) through Steam.