Fortnite: How To Complete Season 8 Week 6 Challenges | Walkthrough Guide

If you have the Fortnite Battle Pass then you are given a series of challenges per week and with Season 8 this trend continues. Each week Epic Games will deliver a new set of challenges for players to complete in order to gain some XP and level up. These challenges are usually pretty straightforward, but we’ll, of course, provide some details to help you progress through these tasks with a bit more ease.

Fortnite Season 8 Challenges:

Week 6 Challenges

Free Challenges

#1 Visit The Highest Elevations

For this challenge you’ll need to visit five locations which are the highest points on the map.

  1. Castle of Polar Peak
  2. Evil Lair Mountain
  3. Volcano
  4. Submarine Ice Mountain
  5. Stunt Mountain

#2 Visit A Wooden Statues

There are three wooden structures located within the map, a rabbit, pig and llama. If you need a hand as to where each of these locations are within the island then take a look at our map above.

#3 Eliminate Opponents At Lazy Lagoon Or Frosty Flights

Within this challenge players will need to take out at least three players within either Lazy Lagoon or Frosty Flights. It doesn’t matter how you eliminate the opponents so whatever weapon is at your disposal will work.

Battle Pass Challenges

#1 Stage Landings

This is a five stage challenge which simply requires players to land at specific locations.

  1. Fatal Fields
  2. Lazy Lagoon
  3. Shifty Shafts
  4. Frosty Flights
  5. Sunny Steps

#2 Search Where The Knife Points On The Treasure Map Loading Screen

You may have noticed a new loading screen where there is a knife on a map. You need to visit the location in order to get this challenge completed.

#3 Get An Elimination With A Flint-Knock Pistol Or Boom Bow

For this challenge you need to take out two opponents with either a flint-lock pistol or the boom bow. You don’t have to be at any specific area on the map but you do need to eliminate two opponents with either weapon.

#4 Use Different Throwable Items In A Single Match

For this challenge all players need to do is use two throwable items. It doesn’t matter what you use or if you take out an enemy. Just toss out something like a boogie bomb, impulse grenade, stink bomb,  really just anything you have at your disposal.

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