Fortnite: How To Complete Season 8 Week 2 Challenges | Walkthrough Guide

If you have the Fortnite Battle Pass then you are given a series of challenges per week and with Season 8 this trend continues. Each week Epic Games will deliver a new set of challenges for players to complete in order to gain some XP and level up. These challenges are usually pretty straightforward, but we’ll, of course, provide some details to help you progress through these tasks with a bit more ease.

Fortnite Season 8 Challenges:

Week 2 Challenges

Free Challenges

#1 Take Out Players Within Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

To complete this challenge you need to eliminate three players within Salty Springs or Junk Junction. This place will be a bit more lively due to the challenge so racking up kills may be a little easier than normal. Find yourself a good vantage point and take out other players.

#2 Heal Yourself

This is challenge is similar to the landing challenge we mentioned earlier. There are three stages to thsi challenge. You will need to gain health from specific items.

  • Stage 1: Apples 25+ Health
  • Stage 2: Campfires 50+ Health
  • Stage 3: Meed Kits 75+ Health

#3  Damage Supply Drops

Seek out a supply drop and fire at it with a weapon. You need to deal at least 200 damage to complete the challenge.

Battle Pass Challenges

#1 Land At Specific Locations

This challenge will come in five parts. You need to land at the specific location of each stage and either win the match or have your character die within the game.

  • Stage 1: The Block
  • Stage 2: Dusty Divot
  • Stage 3: Polar Peak
  • Stage 4: Snobby Shores
  • Stage 5: Paradise Palms

#2 Visit Furthest Points of The Map

You need to visit the four furthest points of the map. Each point will have a sign that states whether you are at the northern most part, southern most part, eastern most part, and lastly western most part. If you need a hand then check out the points marked in the map above.

#3 Use A Pirate Cannon Against A Player

To complete this challenge you need to acquire a pirate cannon which are located in the seven pirate camps. You visited the camps last week for a challenge but if you need a refresher, we will include a map that showcases where each camp is located. Grab a Pirate Cannon and fire it at a player. You’ll need to deal 100 damage to an opposing player.

#4 Search A Chest In Different Areas

You need to search a chest in three different named areas. They don’t matter where you visit just pick a named location of the map and find a chest. This one is straightforward and shouldn’t be a problem to locate three chests total during a match.

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