Fortnite: How To Complete Season 8 Week 1 Challenges | Walkthrough Guide

If you have the Fortnite Battle Pass then you are given a series of challenges per week and with Season 8 this trend continues. Each week Epic Games will deliver a new set of challenges for players to complete in order to gain some XP and level up. These challenges are usually pretty straightforward, but we’ll, of course, provide some details to help you progress through these tasks with a bit more ease.

Fortnite Season 8 Challenges:

  • Week 1 Challenges

Week 1 Challenges

#1 Visit All Pirate Camp Locations

Use the map above to pinpoint where each camp location is. There are a total of seven of them and they can be distinguished by the banner flag above the building. All you need to do is head into these locations.

#2 Elimination Challenges

This one will require players to get one elimination using a shotgun, assault rifle and lastly, an explosive weapon. Again, you already have some good ideas on where there will be a cluster of players this week to unlock the challenges. Visit these areas to get a few kills quick.

#3 Use A Shotgun or Explosive Weapon

This one will require a shotgun or something like a rocket launcher which will cause explosive damage. Ultimately, you need to deal 300 damage with these weapons in a single match. Best way to go about this is simply head to the locations required from players this week like Retail Row as players will be heading there to open chests.

#4 Vehicle Damage

For this challenge, players will need to find a person using a vehicle. From there you need to deal 200 damage to the vehicle being used.

#5 Visit The Three Mountain Faces

There are three faces on the side of the mountains in this game. You can find them on the map located above. All you need to do is visit the area of each to unlock this challenge.

#6 Use Volcano Vents

There are vents on the ground which will shoot the player up in the air. You need to use these vents a total of five times in different matches. They are around the volcano area of the map so you won’t have any trouble finding one in a match to use.

#7 Search For Chests In Junk Junction or Retail Row

You need to open seven chests at either of the two locations. Both have their pros and cons but really, the best way to go about this challenge is to land at either location at the start of the game, which we marked on the map.

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