Fortnite: How To Complete Season 8 Week 4 Challenges | Walkthrough Guide

If you have the Fortnite Battle Pass then you are given a series of challenges per week and with Season 8 this trend continues. Each week Epic Games will deliver a new set of challenges for players to complete in order to gain some XP and level up. These challenges are usually pretty straightforward, but we’ll, of course, provide some details to help you progress through these tasks with a bit more ease.

Fortnite Season 8 Challenges:

Week 4 Challenges

Free Challenges

#1 Land On Specific Areas

All you need to do is simply land at these specific locations.

  • Stage 1: Tilted Towers
  • Stage 2: Junk Junction
  • Stage 3: Retail Row
  • Stage 4: Happy Hamlet
  • Stage 5: Pleasant Park

#2 Use The Baller In Different Matches

For this challenge all you need to do is use a Baller five times so once per match for five matches. They are scattered all over the map so finding one won’t be difficult but if you’re needing a helping hand we suggest going to expedition outposts as they can be found there most often.

#3 Get An Elimination With A Scoped Weapon And A Suppressed Weapon

This is going to be one of the easier challenges to get when having to deal with opponents. Players will need to use a scoped weapon and a suppressed weapon. You don’t have to get both eliminations in the same match. All that is needed is one elimination with a weapon that has a scope such as a sniper rifle or a thermal scoped assault rifle. Then afterwards you can focus on getting an elimination with a suppressed weapon such as the suppressed pistol or suppressed submachine gun.

Battle Pass Challenges

#1 Launch Yourself Through Structures With A Pirate Cannon

For this challenge players will need to grab a pirate cannon which can be found in one of the seven pirate camps. From there you need to launch yourself into either play built structure or already standing building to bring it down. You’ll need to go through 25 walls total to complete the challenge.

#2 Search Buried Treasure

You need to search buried treasure. This one can be a bit more difficult as you’ll need to seek out one in the wild and then activate it where it will send out a beam which will take you to an X mark on the ground. Inside will be legendary items to loot.

#3 Eliminate Opponents At Happy Hamlet Or Pleasant Peak

Head to either Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Peak and take out three opponents. This will go alongside well with getting your eliminations out of the way for either the scoped or suppressed weapon challenge we made mention about earlier.

#4 Outlasting Opponents

This challenge can be difficult for those who are just starting  out in Fortnite. It will run in stages where you need to outlast an certain amount of players. For the first stage you’ll need to outlast at least 60 opponents.

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