Red Dead Redemption 2: Earn 100% Completion To Unlock A Bonus Cutscene | Secrets Guide

[SPOILER WARNING: This article discusses plot, story and character spoilers found after the end of the game. If you don’t want to get spoiled, stop scrolling right now!]

If you’re crazy enough to earn 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s one final scene left to unlock.

The short scene only appears if you’ve done everything there is to do. From catching fish, to completing stranger missions and finding every last collectible or unique gun, there’s a lot left even if you’ve finished the story and hit the ending credits. And now there’s this — a little cutscene that serves as a capper to your infinitely long adventures in the fictional wild west.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, earning 100% completion isn’t the same as unlocking every achievement or trophy. You don’t need to find and do everything; just enough to earn completion. You can check out the full list of requirements in the in-game settings. For instance, you only need to locate one Point-Of-Interest, even if there are many scattered across the game world. Watch and learn all about the bonus scene below.

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Earn 100% Completion To Unlock A Bonus Cutscene | Secrets Guide

[Watch the full 100% completion scene and message on HarryNinetyFour’s YouTube Channel.]

As shown in the video, you can only earn 100% completion after finishing Epilogue: Part 2. After completing all the tasks in your log, you’ll transport to Arthur Morgan’s gravesite in the mountains. Here, John will speak a few words to Arthur and write an extra note in his journal. Arthur’s theme “May I? Stand Unshaken” plays as you survey the world you’ve completely conquered.

It’s very simple and understated. Just bask in your accomplishment for a few minutes. When you’re ready, you can move on and prepare for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.