Red Dead Redemption 2: All Grave Sites Locations | “Paying Respects” Guide

[SPOILER WARNING: Massive story spoilers ahead! Characters will die as you progress through the story. You’ll be able to read all the available grave sites past Epilogue: Part 1.]

There’s a whole lot of loss in Red Dead Redemption 2. Many of the members of your outlaw gang die before their time, and you can find their burial sites scattered across the map. Each gang member has a grave, and finding them all can be pretty difficult all on your own. That’s why we’ve put together a complete map, showing all the locations you need.

Not every grave is a gang member. At least one is a plot-important character, but you can pay your respects all the same. Finding them all will unlock the “Paying Respects” achievement / trophy, but you won’t find any buried treasures of lost heirlooms when exploring these sites. The graves are all hastily buried, and some of them are hard to spot from far away. Track them all down with the images and text in the full guide below.

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All Grave Sites Locations | “Paying Respects” Guide


Find and interact with all nine graves to unlock the “Paying Respects” achievement / trophy. Check the gallery for maps — the markers show the general location for all nine grave locations. There are two graves in one location in northern Lamoyne.

  • Grave #1: Davey Callander – Found in the church graveyard in Colter, in the far northern snowy mountains.
  • Grave #2: Jenny Kirk – Further north of Colter, just north of “Spider Gorge” on the map.
  • Grave #3: Sean Macguire – Follow the trail north of your Rhodes campsite. The grave is on a hill overlooking the water.
  • Grave #4: Kieran Duffy – In the field, west of Shady Belle.  
  • Grave #5 & #6: Hosea Matthews, Lenny Summers – There are two graves, far north of Saint Denis — far west of Lagras swamp, in Bayou NWA.
  • Grave #7: Susan Grimshaw – On a high rocky hill, near the edge, between the “V” and “E” of “NEW HANOVER” on your map.
  • Grave #8: Arthur Morgan – High up in the mountains, north of the Mysterious Hill House. His marker reads, “Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness”. The grave overlooks Donner Falls and Bacchus Bridge, on the east mountain.
  • Grave #9: Eagle Flies – Southeast of the Wapiti Indian Reservation, just left of “DONNER FALLS” on the map. Find the marker near the shore.