Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find All The Strangers | Quest Locations

Much like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has included a slew of characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 that will give our protagonist an optional quest. These characters are listed as Strangers and there’s several to complete across different chapters. You’ll find the stranger on the map usually with a marked question mark and the quest will feature Arthur having to track down specific items.

As mentioned above, these characters are scattered through the different chapters and likewise, they will be scattered across the map. If you’re looking to find some of these strangers then let us help you out. Down below is the different Strangers quests and where to start them.

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Chapter 2

The Noblest of Man, and a Woman

Speak with Theordore Levin in Valentine which will be in the eastern saloon where players will end up having to interview legendary duelists.

  • Emmet Granger – Farm below Horseshoe Overlook camp
  • Flaco Hernandez – Cabin north of Cairn Lake
  • Bill Midnight – Speak with clerk at Rhodes Train Station
  • Black Belle – Home within Bayou

All That Glitters

Speak with Maximo Cristobal Valdespino southwest of Horseshoe Overlook camp. Arthur will get a treasure map of Jack Hall Gang’s gold stash.

The Smell of the Grease Paint

Speak with Miss Marjorie at the Van Horn Trading Post. Arthur will then be tasked to help find the second act to the traveling show, Magnifico.

Arcadia for Amateurs

Speak with a photographer named Albert Mason found southeast of Strawberry. Arthur will have to help photograph the wild animals found around the Wild West.


Speak with the woman sitting on the corner of north-western Saint Denis. She will be accepting donations for an expansion of the Quincy Harris Memorial Hall. You can either donate or loot the donations.

Geology for Beginners

Speak with Francis Sinclair north-west of Strawberry in a hut. Arthur will be tasked with finding all of the Rock Carvings locations.

A Test of Faith

Speak with Deborah MacGuiness in New Hanover. Arthur will have to locate all thirty Dinosaur Bones around the map.

Smoking and other Hobbies

Speak with Phineas T. Ramsbottom in New Hanover. Arthur will have to locate all 144 Cigarette Cards.

Chapter 3

He’s British, of Course

Speak with Margaret found west of Bluewater Marsh in a mixture of a crashed circus caravan. Arthur will have to track down a zebra, tiger and lion.

A Fisher of Fish

Speak with Jeremy Gill found east of Flatneck Station. Players will have to catch thirteen legendary fish.

The Iniquities of History

Speak with Jeremiah Compson found in the Rhodes Train Station. Arthur will have to help seek out his lost watch, pistol and ledger.

No Good Deed

Speak with Dr. Alphonse Renaud found within the Churchyard at Rhodes. Arthur will have to seek out his stolen wagon full of medical supplies.

Chapter 4

Oh, Brother

Speak with Proteus and Acrisius in front of the General Store at Valentine. Arthur will have to shoot bottles off their heads.

A Bright Bouncing Boy

Speak with Marko Dragic in the western side of Saint Denis. Arthur will have to use the new gear invention for investors.

The Mercies of Knowledge

Speak with Professor Andrew Bell III within the northern section of Saint Denis. Arthur must gather moonshine for a science experiment.

The Artists’s Way

Speak with Charles Chatenay found within the Saloon north Saint Denis and once again in an alley where he will invite you to his Vernissage.

The Ties That Bind Us

Speak with Mr. Black and Mr. White found within southern Rhodes by the train tracks. Arthur must take down the wanted posters of the two men.

Help a Brother Out

Speak with Brother Dorkins a monk in Saint Denis. Players can help the monk out by giving him a donation.

Duchess and other Animals

Speak with Algernon Wasp at the house behind Blue Hotel. Arthur will need to help Algernon in tracking down a few exotic items for his home.

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners

Speak with Mayor Henri Lemieux by first going to the post office and grabbing the unopened mail when the alert comes up. This will allow Arthur to meet the mayor at his home where you will need to do some political bidding.

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