Red Dead Redemption 2: All Fossil Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

Aid in the scientific development of the Wild West with these hidden dinosaur bone locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. To start collecting these giant bones, you’ll need to find the quest-giver in the center of the Heartlands. Naturally, that means you can begin the quest as early as Chapter 2. Don’t worry, you wont lose your chance — you can’t actually complete her request until after you’ve beaten the game.

There are 30 fossils to find, and they’re stuck inside rocky cliffs or located on high hills. Like all collectibles, you’ll want to use [R3+L3] to help spot the yellow glow from far away while you’re hunting. Particles rise up from the bones, so even when they’re on the ground, you should be able to see them.

There are a couple of quests like this — finding cigarette cards, stone statues, and more. We’ll try to keep you updated on all of them.

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All Fossil Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

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To begin hunting fossils, find the “A Test of Faithstranger mission in the center of The Heartlands in New Hanover. You can begin this quest at any time after Chapter 2. Find the stranger in the hills, northeast of Flatneck Station.

Talk to the lady at this spot, and she’ll ask you to track down 30 hidden dinosaur bone locations. You won’t be able to get all 30 until after you’ve completed the main story.

Press [R3+L3] to activate tracker vision and spot fossils from far away. They’ll be highlighted.

  • Fossil #1: Just south of the second “S” in “Bacchus Station” on your map. Find it on a high rocky hill, northeast of the fort.
  • Fossil #2: North of the Mysterious Hill Home, near the “I” in “Ambarino” on your map.
  • Fossil #3: West of O’Shea’s Creek, south of the second “S” in Grizzlies East. Snake through the complicated mountain peaks until you reach a ledge with the bones.
  • Fossil #4: Follow the dirt path west of The Loft in the northeast area of Ambarino.
  • Fossil #5: East of Butcher Creek in New Hanover, in the forest northwest of Van Horn.
  • Fossil #6: Near the “I” in “Kamassa River”, north of Elysian Pool in New Hanover.
  • Fossil #7: There’s a small structure north of the “O” in “New Hanover” on your map.
  • Fossil #8: At the abandoned Oil Derrick in the Heartlands. Climb down the hole to find the fossil.
  • Fossil #9: On a rocky ridge, south of the “RT” in the “Heartlands” on your map.
  • Fossil #10: East of Flatneck Station, in New Hanover. It’s pretty far, just follow the rails and use your tracker vision.
  • Fossil #11: Just north of Dewberry Creek, along the northwest border of Lemoyne.
  • Fossil #12: Right under the “L” in “Lemoyne” on your map.
  • Fossil #13: North of Annesburg in Roanoke Ridge. Find it east of the “OA” in “Roanoke”.
  • Fossil #14: Find the train tracks that go between the border of New Hanover and Ambarino in the far north of the map. Where the tracks intersect, go south to a very large rock formation.
  • Fossil #15: Northwest of Fort Wallace and south of Cotorra Spings. Near the shore at the state border.
  • Fossil #16: Southwest of Five Point Cabin in Cumberland Forest.
  • Fossil #17: Northwest of Valentine, across the Dakota River. Follow the river south of the “Dakota” label on your map.
  • Fossil #18: Just south, across the border and the Dakota River from the previous bone location.
  • Fossil #19: Northwest of Painted Sky, or far west of Caliban’s Seat. Still in the state of New Hanover, there’s a big bulge near the western border. Find it on a cliff face there.
  • Fossil #20: Far northeast of Watson’s Cabin in West Elizabeth. Look for a cavern that leads to this fossil.
  • Fossil #21: Just under “Beryl’s Dream” on your map.
  • Fossil #22: West of Rattlesnake Hollow, in New Austin.
  • Fossil #23: On the high hill, south of the “B” in “Rio Bravo” on your map, east of Plainview.
  • Fossil #24: Right at Rio Del Lobo Rock in New Austin.
  • Fossil #25: On the trail between the “W” and the “E” in “West Elizabeth” on your map.
  • Fossil #26: Enter the long series of canyons in New Austin, west of McFarlane’s Ranch.
  • Fossil #27: Near Greenhollow, on the San Luis River in New Austin.
  • Fossil #28: On a high hill, west of Jorge’s Gap and north of Mercer Station.
  • Fossil #29: South of the “L” in “Tumbleweed” on your map.
  • Fossil #30: Between the “D” and the “G” in “Gaptooth Ridge” in New Austin.