Walking Dead: The Final Season – All Collectibles Guide | Episode 2

You can no longer purchase The Walking Dead: The Final Season on Steam — the (temporary) removal doesn’t mean anything to people that already purchased the Season Pass or Episode 2. The game is still available, and yes, there are collectibles to grab. It’s a sad occasion, but if you’re looking to get the most out of what might be the final episode of any Telltale game.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, The Walking Dead: The Final Season developer Telltale Games went into full shutdown mode, laying off more than 250 employees, putting the future of the company into question. Needless to say, things aren’t looking good — there’s a skeleton crew of 25 workers still in the company, but it’s doubtful that’s enough to keep the doors open and future episodes released. There’s no way to know, as the closure came as a surprise to many.

Whatever the case, if you’re one of the burned owners of the Season Pass, here’s how to get the final three collectibles. Yep, there are only three.

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All Collectibles Guide | Episode 2


Once again, you can’t simply pick-up collectibles. After grabbing a collectible, you need to take it back to your bedroom and place it.

There are only three collectibles total in Episode 2 — it’s a lot lighter than the previous Episode, maybe due to the setbacks the studio has faced with lay-offs and an impending shutdown. Whatever the case, here’s where to find all three.

  • Collectible #1: When you return to the school, you’ll have to go to the green house to collect barbed wire, to protect against an attack on your home. You’ll be joined by Ruby and Mitch.
    • At the green house, you’ll be free to search around the exterior before getting inside. Find the boar skull in the grass behind Ruby.
  • Collectible #2: After entering the green house and clearing the zombies inside, you’ll be free to explore. Check the planter with the growing mushrooms. Take one for yourself.
    • You can also select to eat a mushroom. Doing so will unlock the “Edible” achievement / trophy.
  • Collectible #3: The last collectible is in the second part of the green house. After clearing the door, you’ll enter a classroom and talk to Ruby. In the corner of a large planter, there’s a pot with a venus flytrap. Grab it.

After getting all three collectibles, you’ll return to Clem’s room later that night. Place all three to unlock the collectibles achievement / trophy.

And that might be it for Telltale’s adventure games. If this is the end, it’s a sad, incomplete way to say goodbye to the series that was treasured by many.