7 Incredible Telltale Games Titles Released Before Studio Closure

It came as quite the shock to find that Telltale Games was shutting its door. The announcement only came just days ago at the time of writing this article and we’re sure there will be more details regarding as to why the development studio faced closure. However, with that said, there were still plenty of video game titles in the works that gamers were interested in playing.

While these upcoming video games were canned, we can take a look at some of the best video games released from the studio that you can enjoy today also let us know what your personal favorite Telltale Game is in the comments below.

#7 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: NS, PS4, XBO, Android, Ios, pc
  • Release: April 18, 2017

What will be one of the last video games released under Telltale Games, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale series makes our list. The video game is based on the Marvels comic book series where players are fighting to find a covenant and powerful artifact. Much like other Telltale Games, players will be exploring environments, gathering items, speaking with characters, making choices and go through a series of quick time events.

Even though this particular title was one of the latest installments, it didn’t receive the hype and as favorable reception of the previous video game titles. However, we still recommend giving this game a go as its available on the latest generation platforms along with Android and Ios.

#6 Back To The Future: The Game
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, X360, XBO, iOS
  • Release: December 22, 2010

Before the release of The Walking Dead that really put Telltale Games on the map, the development team released Back to the Future: The Game. Instead of a retelling of the original story, Back to the Future: The Game instead offers another installment to enjoy. In fact, Telltale Games received help for the narrative thanks to Bob Gale, who was the co-creator, co-writer, and co-producer of the original film trilogy.

We won’t spoil the narrative for you but overall the game takes place after the events of the films where Marty McFly finds the DeLorean time machine parked in front of his house. Players quickly discover that Emmett Brown, or best known simply as Doc, is in trouble and needs the aid of Marty. As a result, players set off to 1931 in another grand time travel adventure.

This will be the closest we’ll receive for a new film installment as well for quite some time so if you’re a fan of the Back to the Future films then you’ll want to take a look at this game. There is a total of five episodes included and reception for the title has been overall positive.

#5 Game of Thrones
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS3, XBO, X360, Android, iOS
  • Release: December 2, 2014

Game of Thrones has been popular in a few mediums now after it first started out as a novel series that is still going on today. However, since its television adaptation, Telltale Games was able to dive into the world and deliver fans a video game journey. Again, much like all of the other installments on this list, the game is a graphic adventure that plays out with a series of choices and puzzles.

Taking place across six episodes, players will be following the journey surrounded by northern House Forrester. Players got to take control of a few different characters that were spread across different areas and while the television series doesn’t feature the House, it was made mention about briefly in the novels. Ultimately, this gave Telltale Games a bit of freedom in how to steer the story where it takes place after the third season and wraps up prior to the events of the fifth season.

Despite the game focuses on new characters, there were a few different series favorite characters that showed up throughout the game. While the game wasn’t as highly regarded as Telltale Games, The Walking Dead series, it did capture a following. A sequel was in the works but it got shuffled behind a few other projects where it was officially cancelled along with the studio closure.

Now we’re left wondering what will happen to House Forrester and if there will ever be any information released in regards to what Telltale Games had intended on releasing.

#4 The Wolf Among Us
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, PS3, PS4, PSV, X360, XBO
  • Release: October 14, 2013

Based on the Fables comic book series, The Wolf Among Us is another hit from developers Telltale Games. Overall, the game is set within an American town that features outcasts from your beloved fairy tale stories. Now hiding in the human world, players take on the role of Bigby Wolf, once known as the Big Bad Wolf, who must keep the fables in check in order to avoid unwanted attention.

That’s easier said than done when a new string of murders has occurred to various fairy tale characters. Since these chosen few can only be killed by another fairy tale character it seems that this investigation will lead Bigby to meet with past friends in order to learn who the real murderer is. Unfortunately, the second season to this game was cancelled due to the studio closure.

#3 Batman: The Telltale Series
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS, Android, iOS
  • Release: August 8, 2017

Telltale Games really doesn’t disappoint with their episodic releases. The developers have handled a number of franchises such as Batman. Batman: The Telltales Series plays out similarly to other Telltale Games which are typically point-and-click adventures. The story is not tied to any previous Batman works in particular, but it still retains the same overall concept of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman in order to clean up the mean streets of Gotham City.

With the looming deaths of his parents haunting Bruce, players will ultimately make big decisions on how Bruce Wayne behaves as himself and as the Batman. Overall, the main enemy within the game is a terrorist group known as the Children of Arkham, though as you pursue this group, Telltale Games will toss big decision your way which will determine just how the story progresses.

The game contains a total of five episodes and a sequel was released in 2017 known as Batman: The Enemy Within which carried the story ever further.

#2 Tales From The Borderlands
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, XBO, X360, iOS, Android
  • Release: November 25, 2014

Telltale Games tried their hand at making a Borderlands video game with Tales from the Borderlands. Following the same gameplay featured in their previous Telltale Games releases such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands plays out through an episodic form where choices and actions will affect the storyline later on.

The story of Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the events of Borderlands 2 on the planet Pandora. After a discovery is released, swarms of vault hunters head to Pandora to locate a hidden vault that supposedly contains a vast treasure. Players will take the role of Rhys, a Hyperion that has his eye on taking over the position of Handsome Jack, along with Fiona who is another con artist within Pandora that hopes to score big thanks to this hidden vault.

#1 The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, PSV, X360, XBO, Mobile, Ouya
  • Release: August 22, 2013

Telltale Games takes real precious care when it comes to their video game releases. Oftentimes they will handle other IPs such as Batman and Game of Thrones though they add their own unique twist to it. This usually results in an adventure narrative that relies heavily on player choices in order to alter the story and the characters within it.

The Walking Dead takes place in the popular comic and AMC TV series universe where you may even see a familiar face. However, predominately, the game is centered around unique characters within The Walking Dead universe.

This first season follows Lee Everett, a man that is on his way to prison until the zombie apocalypse actually ends up freeing him from the law enforcement. Now free in a chaotic world, Lee stumbles upon a young child by the name of Clementine who is all alone. Quickly Lee takes on the role of Clementine’s guardian and protects her from the harsh new realities of the world.

Overall, this is a deep interactive drama that spans across a few episodic seasons and remains the best-rated video game from the Telltale Games library. While we’re only midway into the final season, it’s currently unknown if Telltale Games will be able to put out the final two episodes before finally shutting its doors for good.