Walking Dead: The Final Season – All Collectibles Guide | Episode 1

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One — and the game adds a few new features to the storied franchise. You don’t just follow a linear narrative. This time, you can craft, collect items, and use them when it’s most important. It’s still that familiar Telltale style, but with a few wrinkles that add to the feeling you’re a survivor.

One of those new inclusions is a homebase you’ll revisit often. Early on, you’ll encounter a school that Clementine will make her home base. From that point on, you’ll be able to grab hidden collectibles in the environment and place them all. Some of them require specific dialogue choices, while others can only be collected if you select to visit certain locations. We’ve got it all explained in the full text guide below.

All Collectibles Guide | Episode 1


It isn’t enough for Clementine to find the collectibles, she also needs to take them back to her room and place them. Some collectibles are easily missed, and you’ll need to make specific dialogue choices to get them.

For getting all six collectibles and placing them in your room, you’ll unlock the “Scavenger” and “To Make It Look Nice” achievements / trophies.

  • Collectible #1: Act 1 – Find the Deer Skull behind the building, past the tire swing. This is found after getting out of your car and taking down the first zombie.
  • Collectible #2: Act 1 – Inside the school, look behind the stairs while searching for the source of the music. At the entranceway, there’s a set of plastic flowers to the right, under the stairs.
  • Collectible #3: Act 1 – In the school courtyard, after the zombie attack, you’ll need to go around and talk to the other people. To the right of the cooking pot, in the far-right corner, you’ll find real flowers on a bench.
  • Collectible #4: Act 1 – When Clem returns to the bedroom with AJ, you’ll have a conversation with a visitor. While AJ is sitting at the desk, select “You Can Keep It If You Like” to get a drawing from AJ. Don’t give it away!
  • Collectible #5: Act 2 – While talking with Marlon, you’ll get the option to fish or go hunting. Select “Fish With Violet And Brody” so you visit the fishing shack. While you’re there, grab the cat skull from above the fire place.
  • Collectible #6: Act 2 – Returning to the courtyard from the station, talk with Tenn and he’ll offer to draw you. Select “Sure, Draw Me In” to get his drawing.

During Act 3, you’ll have a short window to place all the collectibles in your room. Make sure you do it right at the start of Act 3.