Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season May Not Fully Release

The Walking Dead franchise is big across an assortment of mediums but when it comes to video games, everyone seemed to know all about Telltale’s take on the drama. Much like other Telltale Games, The Walking Dead was an episodic adventure title where players mainly follow a girl named Clementine as she grows up in the harsh world during the zombie apocalypse. However, the final installment to wrap up Clementine’s story may not fully release.

If you’ve been following Clementine’s journey across the past few video game installments, you were likely excited to see how her journey would come to an end as Telltale Games noted to fans that this season would wrap up her narrative. However, it was announced through an official post by Telltale Games that the studio would be coming to an end.

This not only meant that gamers who were waiting for the second season of Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us would be disappointed but The Walking Dead fan base as well. We recently just received the second episode out of the four planned for The Walking Dead: The Final Season and it very well could be the last.

Recently Melissa Hutchison who was the voice actress for Clementine took to Twitter and wrote a letter thanking fans and the company for her journey at Telltale Games so it could be an indicator that they will not see the release of the full game.

While we wait for the official word from Telltale Games we’re sure there are going to be fans that are angry with already paying for the full game release along with those who wish to learn how the story was supposed to end.


[Source: Eurogamer]