Fallout 4: How To Dupe Items With Dogmeat & Conveyor Belts | Exploit Guide

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With the announcement of a new Fallout game from Bethesda, we’ve spent some time thinking about Fallout 4. The mods, the glitches — you know, all the good stuff. Many of the old, best methods for duping items on console have been wiped clean thanks to a steady stream of patches, but not every single scheme has been stomped out.

Yes, there’s still a way to use in-game resources to duplicate items. All you need is the Contraptions DLC and your canine companion Dogmeat. This is an awesome little trick that’s fun to do. It’s kind of magical — fetch items, then dump stuff on the ground for instant duplication. We’ll explain everything below for the uninitiated, but this is the sort of thing we do on a lazy summer day.

This ingenious conveyor belt / dogmeat trick was originally shared by RealOfficialTurf on Steam.

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How To Dupe Items With Dogmeat & Conveyor Belts | Exploit Guide

To pull off this fun item duping method, you’ll need at least one of the DLC add-ons — Contraptions. Here’s everything you’ll want.

  • The Contraptions DLC
  • Dogmeat Companion
  • A base with power.

That’s basically it. If you don’t know how to work the Contraptions DLC, make sure to complete some of the simple tutorials — learn how to create a conveyor belt, how to power the conveyor belt, and how to place a conveyor storage at the end of your conveyor. It can be very, very simple.

Getting Started: Build Your Conveyor Belt 

To get started, you need a conveyor belt. It needs to be powered, so make sure the conveyor belt is hooked up to a power source. Attach the power-lines, and place an item storage receptacle at the end of the conveyor belt. It can be extremely short — all you need is a conveyor belt and a conveyor storage at the end.

You’ll also want to bring Dogmeat with you. Dogmeat can fetch items — cursor over an item, then tap to order Dogmeat to fetch. Fetching it very important for this dupe method.


Step-By-Step Item Duping

Time for the real deal. Let’s start duping. Here’s what you want to do.

  1. Drop a stack of items you want to duplicate onto a powered conveyor belt with an item storage unit at the end.
  2. As the item is entering the item storage, order Dogmeat to fetch the item. Make sure to order before the item disappears into the storage unit!
  3. Dogmeat will collect the item and drop it on the ground. The same item stack should be in the conveyor storage. We haven’t duplicated the stack yet, there’s still another step.
  4. Find the item Dogmeat dropped on the ground. Leave it where it is!
  5. Open the conveyor storage and collect the item stack. Drop it on the ground next to the item Dogmeat dropped. (It doesn’t really have to be close. But I like to keep track.)
  6. The item on the ground (the one Dogmeat dropped) will suddenly become the original full stack of items. Weird!

At this point, save your game (quicksave works too) — then grab your items, and then load. Voila! That’s all you need to do. It’s a fun, simple little trick that works perfectly with the conveyor belt.

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